Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Cards: Here We Go Again!

I love Christmas cards. I love reading them. I love looking at their colors and pictures. At my parent's house I rifle through whole piles of them, reading about people I don't even know. I'm a big fan of the Christmas card. So, I feel its important that I send them (since I love it when people to send them to me). But every year I seem to make a way bigger deal out of them than I need to. I make them by hand. Sewing paper. Stamping paper. Cutting pictures. Tying ribbons. And every year when I finish the 17 hour ordeal I say, "Never again! That was ridiculous" Then somehow I do it again.

Why do I do this? Basically because I wish I was a graphic designer, but I'm not. So, I'm not smart enough to come up a cute card that can be printed instead of crafted to death.

Enter: Shutterfly. They have the card designs that I would come up with if I was smarter. My favorites:

I don't even care that my great aunt Penelope doesn't know what {Feliz Navidad} means. This card is adorable.
And I love the yellow and gray in {this card}, because its kind of unexpected for Christmas. 

And how could you not be {merry} upon finding this in your mailbox? I'm smitten with it!

I just can't get over how much simpler, colorful-er, and easier this year's Christmas cards will be.

P.S. Shutterfly is out to be your best friend this year, because not only do they have amazing designs, but they're offering 50 free Christmas cards to interested bloggers!


K said...

I am such a pitiful person. I love the beauty of cards - the lovely renaissance designs and the funny, crazy ones. And I hate to contribute to the slow down of card sales, because I think of all those artists losing their jobs. But after twenty seven years of sending them, and postal costs going up, and stuffing all those envelopes every year, and addressing the things and writing the letter, and getting it printed, and then trying to organize all the kids into a signing brigade, I just stopped. Like cooking. Enough. Enough. Heels dug in. Shoulders shrugged.

I think maybe, too - I put my heart into my (I still hate this word) blog - and I pour images of our lives into it. And I really feel like I'm sending out Christmas cards all year long. Like, I've paid those dues. And I'm tired. Do you hear the guilt?

Pitiful. But go for it. Those Snapfish cards are VERY cute.

Amy said...

I love Shutterfly too! I get my cards there every year, and this time I also blogged for free cards, and they turned out fabulous!!! Hooray for Shutterfly.

Andee said...

Sooooo funny that this is your blog today! I ordered mine from shutterfly this year and love them!! I sent one to your parents house- so you'll see it!

Cheeseboy said...

Am I a bad person for not doing a Christmas card? I do like getting them though. Those are all great ones.

If I am not a bad person for the Christmas card thing, I am sure there are a variety of reasons that I am a bad person.

Angie Lewis said...

I did this too - I'm so excited. And if you share your finished product on your blog you can also get a $25 gift certificate as well! :) I'm all about the free stuff from shutterfly!

addicted2shius said...

I don't have any awesome deal like they do anymore but check my site and take a peek at the Photo Cards under the Digital Center section.

Let me know if you see anything you like :)

Amy said...

I have promised myself this year that next year I'll finally do photo cards. I'm still doing cards with a photo inside, and it's a shame when there are so many cute designs!! I'll have to check out Shutterfly for next year!! Those designs you showed are so cool.

Aly said...

I do the same thing every year. I have an expectation to live up to now that I have been making my cards for the last 8 years. I have so many people tell me that they look forward to my handmade cards. So, even though I would love to skip a year and just buy some Christmas cards (esepcially this year because I haven't even started making mine yet) I just can't. Misery loves company, so I think you should make them. :)

jww said...

I'm a Christmas card lover as well, and I'm also a crafty/cutesy lover, but I have never brought myself to do any handmade cards because it just seems so overwhelming!!! I'm glad you have discovered Snapfish--it looks like the perfect solution. You get something beautiful that you love without having any 17-hour ordeals. Plus you get your sanity, too, which is a bonus! :)


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