Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Sight Seeing

Last week we decided to take the kids on a drive to enjoy the Christmas lights in our city. Even though the night ended with Maggie crying "Please can we go home? I fink we are all done with Christmas lights," we had a good time.

We went to Thanksgiving Point where you can drive around and, from the comfort of your car, see some pretty spectacular lights. I think it was definitely worth the $8 entrance fee.

After the Thanksgiving Point lights, we headed to a house near our neighborhood that I stumbled upon that has Christmas lights that flash to music. Its absolutely amazing. I'd seen stuff like that on youtube before, but never in Lehi, UT. 

Lehi, we're hitting the big time now.


jww said...

Okay, wow that house is amazing. (Only I kept thinking how much I would hate to live IN a house that flashed like that all the time.) What a cool thing to do. (I love hearing Maggie yelling, "Grampa! Grampa!" and hearing your dad's voice, too.)

K said...

My brother's house is in Lehi - I can't tell you the address - it's along that new collector that you get on going across the railroad tracks - and he has this meticulous and fabulous music and light extravaganza - he has about eight processors running like 100 thousand lights, and it's all very intricate and wild and he's VERY proud of it. If you wanna see, I'll find out where it is.

Cheeseboy said...

We have this major lighted house up the street from us in Murray. It was on the news last night. I think it is sucking us all dry of electricity.

I was wondering if Thanks point was worth it. Sometimes we head out to the zoo lights, but that seems to be kinda a wast, imo.

C C & R said...

Seriously, you can just sit in your car and see Christmas lights at Thanksgiving Point? Why, oh why, I did I not know this. My 2-year-old is dying to see some lights, and it will be perfect for the newborn too! Thanks!

the fellers said...

do you think that it would be annoying to have those lights flashing on your house? I think we are going to venture out and try to find one tonight....they are super cool!

MSD said...

Could you let me know where that was for next year?

I know of 2 houses in Lehi that do this and this makes three.

I also know of a fun one in Salt Lake your kids would love.

There is one in Alpine that is kind of fun too.

E-Mail me and I will trade the ones I know for that one :)

THanks! :)

MSD said...

For ths of you that said you would hate living in house that flashes... You would never know.

The music comes thorugh a FM transmitter so you never hear it and you never see the lights.

I forget they are there most of the time. :)


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