Sunday, December 19, 2010

Shootin' Stuff

We had another bumper crop of pumpkins from our garden this year. They graced our porch until Thanksgiving, but then Dan knew just what to do with them.

He piled the pumpkins in the car and drove us out to the middle of nowhere.

Then he scattered the pumpkins about in artful little configurations.

And shot the heck out of them.

The kids looked on, rather impressed. And helped with the reloading of bullets. I figure its good for small motor coordination. Or something. The really ridiculous thing was that Dan thought it would be warm out there in the middle of nowhere so he insisted the kids only needed light jackets.

Then I really wowed Dan with my skills. Knocked his socks off.
As usual.

I was so mad at Dan when he bought that gun. But now I pretty much like it.
Just don't tell him.

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