Friday, October 29, 2010

Acts of Service: 13

Dear Joel and Beth,

Thanks for letting me babysit your sweet girls today. I had a wonderful time holding sweet baby Susan. My boys had a wonderful time trying to smother her with toys and affection if I even thought of putting her down. Mary is such a sweetheart. I'll never get over the novelty of talking to a 2 year old who speaks as clearly and adorably as she does. And Clara? Well, all 3 of my kids worship her. Thanks for coming over and visiting with me and playing with my kids. I hope I can be a good parent like you guys are.

Your sister,


Dear Dan,
Thanks for studying hard and spending 8 hours taking the PE exam today. I appreciate the dedication you have and the drive you have to provide for your family. Here's hoping you get favorable test results and become a PE very soon.


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