Tuesday, August 24, 2010

G'Dat, Mommy!

We took the kids to the zoo to see the animals. Dan's parents met us there which was wonderful since Dan had to meet with a bunch of engineers about one of the big renovations the zoo has planned. So, it was nice to have some extra kid wranglers/stroller pushers.

One of Will's new favorite phrases is "look at that, Mommy!" which he says as "G'Dat! Mommy!" Basically its the most adorable thing ever. And Coleman just likes to ask people for candy ("Canny?"). So, we walked around with Will pointing out things of interest as Coleman talked about food.

The boys loved the monkeys. Maggie loved watching the elephants spray water on people. I got an awesome free mascara sample from some makeup company as I was coming off the train. And Dan loved thinking about retaining walls. So, I think we all left happy (Besides Maggie who whined about leaving before she saw her fill of snakes).


Marilyn said...

Look at you, you cutie! I love that olive green shirt!

K said...

Wow. Growing. And you look great. I can't believe the boys are talking. When I was at your stage, I was pretty convinced that this was my life forever = but look how it's changing.

jww said...

How totally fun. Glad you had some extra adults, too. :) G'dat is adorable. :) Keep that one around long after he stops saying it!

Angela Noelle of SK said...

Agreed; most adorable thing ever.

The Willeyes said...

I can't believe how big your boys are getting! What a fun day :)


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