Sunday, August 22, 2010


Last week we took a family roadtrip to Vegas. One of my favorite Las Vegas cousins was getting married, so we thought we'd go early and stay later and have a good time.

We so had a good time. We stopped in St. George at the most adorable cupcake store: {25 Main}. They had some really yummy cupcakes and a super groovy cafe. I was in heaven being there. I could have eaten all my meals at that place and been happy.



Our hotel in Las Vegas was gorgeous. The whole time I felt like pinching myself because I couldn't believe that we actually lived there with our gaggle of screaming children. In my family we always joke that "we don't deserve nice things." And seriously, {The Green Valley Ranch Resort} was just the kind of nice thing that I don't deserve. Dan gets big bonus points for finding a good deal on it.

The bathroom in our hotel room had a chandelier, and marble covering every surface. It had a beautiful deep tub and Maggie found the phone by the toilet to be endlessly fascinating (her favorite feature). Maggie would sit on the toilet with the phone and make me talk to her from the desk in the bedroom. We don't have a landline so maybe that was part of what made the phone situation so exciting. There was a mini fridge full of booze as well as a tray full of vodka which freaked me out. I hid it in the closet. I don't drink and I don't think I'd ever actually stayed in a place that had liquor--it felt extra naughty and vegas-y I guess.

I felt like a queen hanging out at this pool:

Green Valley Ranch Pool

Check out the sandy beach on one side, with the shallow water area for lounging on the other. 

The wedding was beautiful. Elizabeth and Nathan couldn't be more perfect for each other. Liz was the most gorgeous bride! And they couldn't have served tastier food at the reception. I think I went through the buffet line at least half a dozen times (it was for the children... or that's what I told people). I loved seeing aunts and uncles and favorite cousins, and the twins wrestled with each other and put on a great show near the end of the reception so that was a bonus. People in Vegas love a good show.

On the way back home, we stayed the night in Mesquite, Nevada. Our hotel room and pool at that establishment were 100% less nice than the ones at GVR. But at $24.99 I don't know what we expected. At least it acclimated me back to real life living without a bathroom chandelier and shampoo samples that are better than the Sauve I have at home.

Now that we're home I'm missing that fancy pool and the proximity of our hotel room to Panda Express. I love a good vacation. And chow mien. 


addicted2shius said...

I'm totally jealous! My GF just moved to St George. I will pass on the news about the cupcake shop. Maybe she'll be a doll and mail me a sample

Sharlyn said...

wondered where you went! :) So glad you had a great time !

jww said...

Yeah, a good vacation tops all. Your room sounds heavenly--and the pool/beach thing sounds fantastic!! I'm so glad you got to go--I know it's a long drive from Lehi! And lovely to spend time with great family, too. :)

Kristina P. said...

Love 25 Main. Their cupcakes are delicious.

Jill_ums said...

I made some really good ciao mian myself the other night...

The Willeyes said...

I am going to have to try 25 Main next time I'm in St. George...who can pass up a good cupcake :) I am jealous you got to stay at GVR. A girl I work with just stayed there too and said it was amazing. Glad you had a great time :)

EmmaP said...

glad you had a fabulous time! and the ranch sounds very posh and relaxing! kudos to Dan! LOL @ Mags on the toidy w/ the phone! hahaha!

Miss having you around here in the hood!

Cheeseboy said...

Wow, a pool with a beach? That looks like a swell place.

I love cupcakes and I love St. George. I will check out that place next time we go down.


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