Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hungarians in da House!

Hajni and Zita, two of my dearest Hungarian friends, are in town. We've been together laughing, eating, laughing, and watching my children create disasters. I guess my children are a little wilder than your average Hungarian kid because one of my friends asked "Are your kids always this bad?" Yes, I think they are. But I love them.

It is wonderful having my friends here from so far away.


Cheeseboy said...

ha ha. Never thought about Hungarian kids being calm, but it could be true. I bet they are just as wild at home where they are not the guest.

K said...

Oh, dear. Americans may just be a little = energetic for the Old Countries. Now, I want to ask you - is that a stapler suspended in a jello mold? And if so - why?

Andrea said...

My personal opinion (not that anyone asked) is that it takes a village to raise a child and in America--the village is pretty darn lenient. Example: calling an adult by the first name. I think the distinction between adult and child is blurred here and kids sense that all over the place and it makes it harder at home.

Just my thought.

Katie Gee said...

I had to laugh at K's question. I am soooo loving that shirt and, I for one, get it. For once. Awesome.
And life always seems to slow down when you've got friends around.

jww said...

I'm so happy for you!!! Have a great time. And don't worry about the kids. (P.S. I totally agree with Andrea's comment about adult first names.)

Megan said...

Cheeseboy, I tell myself that my kids would have been calmer at someone else's home but I don't know if that's a lie. It makes me feel better anyway.

Kristen, yes it is a stapler in jello. It's from an episode of the tv show "the office." There's a guy Jim that always plays pranks on a crazy guy named Dwight. One of the pranks was that Jim suspended Dwights stapler in jello, placed it on a platter, and put it in a drawer of Dwight's desk. I won the shirt at one of Marilyn's fantastic parties.

Andrea, I think that in America we are a bit more lenient on some things. Also, in Hungary people have one, maybe two kids and generally not 3 kids who are 20 months apart. They are not used to children en masse and they don't have large yards to let them run around in.

elizabeth said...

i want to talk to you about your t shirt, because i recognize it from the british office, and i love it.


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