Friday, March 26, 2010

Maggie's a Thinker

The other day while Maggie was attending to business in the bathroom, I was also attending to her business. That happens when you're a parent of a 3 year old. And while we were both attending to business she paused and very seriously said to me, "Mom, I think a potty is just like a house for a poop."

I reckon she's right. Inappropriate and disgusting, yes, but also hilariously insightful.

She also reasoned that a bathtub looks like a footprint for a giant, and maybe a giant stepped on grandma's house leaving said footprint in the bathroom.


She also has taken to differentiating between her grandmas by calling them "Daddy's mother" and "Mommy's mother." She finds it hysterical that they both have the same name ("Your mommy called grandma and Daddy's mother called grandma TOO!" and then she cups her mouth and laughs.)

Who knew having a 3 year old would be such a hoot?


jwise said...

Yeah, it's definitely a hoot. I L-O-V-E the cupping-mouth-giggles. TOO precious. Get that on video because it goes away pretty soon. (Although I've heard it comes back at about 13???? jk)

Pam Williams said...

Yeah, at about 13 Maggie is going to frown on the documentation of all her cute sayings. We, for instance, still say "kewmommy" instead of cucumber (Jen) and "toethelone" instead of telephone (Elin). Just watch the eyes roll.

Leslie said...

Actually, she is very intelligent to be able to distinguish which grandma belongs to you or Dan.

Of course you knew that, but I love her comments.

K said...

Yep - this is the major upside to people of this age - the way they make connections and assumptions simply shocks the parental brain into waking up.


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