Wednesday, March 24, 2010

30 Things to do Before 30

It's my birthday! As of today I am 29. I'm in the last year of the 20s. Next year I will officially be an old lady. And to help me celebrate the last year of my youth, I have compiled a list of 30 things I would like to accomplish before the age of 30. Since I only have a year, some of these things might be a stretch.

  1. Sample a cupcakes from every cupcakery in Salt Lake County
  2. Run a race (at least a 5k)
  3. Stop making as many really disturbing faces in pictures. A funny face is good, really creepy face= bad. If my faces creep me out, imagine how other people feel.
  4. Watch a movie in the backyard using Dan's projector.
  5. Go camping with Dan and our kids.
  6. Go on a little getaway with Dan (no kids).
  7. Learn to knit or crochet (whichever's easier).
  8. Hike the Y.
  9. Tell my husband and kids I love them every single day (I do this multiple times a day, so I guess I just really think this ought to continue).
  10. Take the kids swimming
  11. Eat a European chocolate bar all by myself without sharing.
  12. Read the Book of Mormon
  13. Make earrings to give to people that I like.
  14. Sing more
  15. Dance more
  16. Go see a movie at the theater (not just the redbox).
  17. Visit my grandparents more
  18. Write people thank you notes to people to thank them for things they didn't realize they had done.
  19. Learn a new skill in home improvement and use it to improve something in my home.
  20. Make Dan take me to a play.
  21. Invite old friends over.
  22. Invite new friends over.
  23. Arrange a playgroup.
  24. Eat a pizza at The Pie.
  25. Do something to make someone's life easier.
  26. Do something to make my life easier.
  27. Spend more one on one time with my husband and kids (each person--individually).
  28. Learn more about nutrition (since really I don't know much and it's hard to eat healthy when you're not sure what IS healthy as far as food is concerned).
  29. Learn to bake pies (not related to #28).
  30. Learn to be charming (I'm not sure how one learns to do this.)
If you were 29, what would you want to do?


jwise said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! That is a great list. I think you should do them all (easier said than done, I know) because those all sound like GREAT things that would also have the benefit of making you happy.
Hmm... What would I want to do if I were 29? (Well, I WAS 29 once... what did I do??) I guess if I were making a list like this, I would put on it some of the same things you did like #18, which is a huge one, but I might also add something like "try not to be so hard on yourself, and have more fun." I'm not so good at that sometimes. P.S. If I were you, I would give highest priority to #11. You've GOTTA do that!

Holli and Billy said...

Happy Birthday! I wish I would have made a list like this on my 29th birthday. What a fun idea! I guess there is still time... and I am 100% willing to help you accomplish #1. Is it bad it is 8:17 in the morning and I am already craving cupcakes?? Anyways, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Ginna said...

Happy birthday my dear friend!!! I think that's a great list and mostly very doable. But I'm totally against #3. Totally.

Tia said...

Happy Birthday Megs!
I just so happen to be 29 so I am well qualified to answer your question. Since I am 29 I want to leave my past in the past and look forward to the future.

Becca said...

Megan!!!! hApPy BiRtHdAy!!!! I love you soooo much!!! I hope you have a wonderful day!!! I love your can totally do all those things...except I like the funny pictures too... Don't ever stop doing that! Love you Birthday Girl!!

Rachel said...

Happy Birthday! I am laughing at number 1 and then number 2. You know, I bet if you ran to each would be a 5k or something! :)

C C & R said...

Happy Birthday! That is a great list of things to do!

Emily Rasmussen said...

Happy Happy birthday!

Amanda D said...

Happy birthday!

You have more than a year of youth left. I'm 30 and I'm not old! (Most days...)

Great list - good luck!

Colby and Steph said...

Happy Birthday!! I love this idea.

Pam Williams said...

No, sweetie, you're not old - you're PRIME! I had my first child when I was 29. And then I got better and better and I haven't stopped yet. My only regret is that I kept looking at the calendar and thinking I was old. By the way, if you're serious about the pie baking, it's as easy as, well, pie, and I know how it's done. Call me and we'll have a class. You can invite friends. Seriously. I'm going to give a mini-class in our Relief Society, so I could "warm up" with you.

The Willeyes said...

Happy, Happy Birthday :) Awesome list...I'm sure you will have no problem completing it, cause you rock! You are not old...I am old. Enjoy it and your day!

chris said...

Happy birthday Megan! We are getting old, aren't we? I might have to come up with a list for myself before my last year of twenties starts. hope you have an awesome day.

Camille said...

Sweet! Happy Birthday and can I just say.... I'd love to help you out with several items on your list including learn to crotchet, eat a pizza at the pie, and have friends over or something.... :) Oh, and earrings, I wear them, you can make me some. I'm always glad to help out like that. :)

The Tuck Family said...

*`~".'*`~'HAPPY BIRTHDAY`"~.'*`."~ (that was supposed to look like confetti).....yesterday. Sorry I'm late, I love your list! Most of them are pretty do-able, but like many before me said...don't do #3, your faces make my day. Happy Birthday again, I hope all your wishes come true!

K said...

Late, as always. This was a good, solid list. I'm glad you didn't have stuff like, dangle from a hot air balloon 1200 feet above Ute stadium. I hate lists like that. Yours says reams about how solid your life is and how deeply you cherish your people. When I was twenty nine, turning thirty, I think the only thing on my list would have been: try to get through one whole day without losing your mind. Not as hopeful as yours. But one thing I'd do is have a series of pictures done of me, in my best clothes - thousands, so I could pick the two good ones - so I could remember later what I looked like when I was young and cute and non-apholstered. Every child and grandchild should have at least one picture of her mother when her mother was young. All my kids have, mostly, is me behind the camera -

Kristin said...

I hope I get an invite for a play group in the next 365 days. I can't decide if I am an old friend or a new friend.

Heather said...

Happy Birthday!! Sorry It's belated!

I love your list.

Cheetah said...

Happy Birthday! It's late too, but in no way should that detract from the sincerity.

the fellers said...

Oh my gosh, i am SOOO behind on my blogging and TOTALLY missed this post on your HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


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