Saturday, February 6, 2010

14 Days of Love: by Tiffany

Today's list comes from Tiffany. We met in 8th grade and soon found out we were destined to be forever friends when my mom and I picked her up to go to the mall and it turned out we were wearing the exact same outfit from head to toe. The funny thing is, this outfit involved a tan shirt with enormous blue flowers on it. Where did we even get those?Anyway, last weekend we both showed up to a party wearing the same thing again--so the magic is still happening for us 15 years later. In addition to being my twin, she's been my college roommate, my pen pal (as she moves with her adorable son and med school husband around the country), and my blogging buddy. She has a heart bigger than the state of Utah (which is where she now lives, though not next door to me like I begged). Follow Tiff on her blog {here}.

Here's what Tiffany loves:
  1. Provo bakery sugar cookies
  2. Finished projects
  3. Cuddling on a Saturday morning
  4. Being called "Mama"
  5. Text messages from my husband
  6. My mom calling and inviting me over for dinner
  7. Sitting by the pool all day long
  8. Hearing my grandma say "Love your heart."
  9. Finding things I thought I lost.
  10. Playing with my sisters in the rain
  11. A clean house (for longer than 10 minutes)
  12. Celebrating birthdays
  13. Going to fabric stores and imaging all the quilts I'd like to make
  14. Shoes (because they always fit!)
**image from flickr


Ginna said...

I love Tiffany!
And Tiffany, I love shoes for the same reason. Isn't it great to have something you always know will fit? Way more comforting than it should be.
Lovely list!! :)

Megan said...

You know I'd never thought about that with the shoes. Excellent point. Love this list Tiff. Being called "Mama" is the best.

K said...

An honest list and lyrical. You may find that being called Mama palls from time to time. But that will be later. Sugar cookies - the thought made me feel cheery. And a clean house is a bit of a miracle. I love that too, and would so much more dearly if it happened by accident or divine intervention, rather than by my own sweat - because then the house may be clean, but I am not. Anyway. Every item rang like a bell.

jwise said...

Oooh, I love this list. And the cool picture! Now I'm in the mood for sugar cookies...

EmmaP said...

I dont know why - but this simple post made me cry. when grandma says "love your heart". I like that a lot, and I needed to hear that.

Also, I just came over from reading my sister's blog, and she just recovered her living room sofa - and not like slip cover, but like a real re-upholstery job. And just prior to THAT, I read another sister's blog, in whch she finally posted pics of the hallowee costumes she MADE her kids. Anyway, I was feeling all, "I suck. I have now sewing skills whatsoever, and no money to buy cute stuff!" So, I LOVED reading "all the quilts I'd LIKE to make".

Thanks Tiffany! (Thanks Meg!)

Meridee said...

Great list Tiff. Being called Grandma even beats mama. I love Provo Bakery's raisin filled cookies. And their eclairs are the best. They fill them with custard. It is always a disappointment to find an eclair filled with cream.

Kristin said...

Tiff really does have a heart bigger than Utah. She hired a poor college student a few years back and taught her more than how to answer a phone (still remember my review where she said to say "one moment" instead of "just a sec".) What an amazing friend and person this Tiff is.


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