Friday, February 5, 2010

14 Days of Love: by Cam

Today's List of Love comes from the world's best little brother. I know he's the world's best because he's mine. I've experienced it first hand. He's my mom's best looking child (which is saying a lot because we are all incredible hotties--do people use the word "hottie" anymore?) and definitely the wittiest (which is also saying a lot because I am dang funny. Really, I am.) Cam blogs over at {Alinglaplap Kibwe Lap!} which name means something in Marshallese, which is a language spoken by folks in the Marshall islands which is a place where Cam lived for 2 years while he preached the Lord's word and learned the language. Both of which accomplishments I am very proud of. If you see Cam, or drop by his blog, give him a big old "Yokwe" (pronounced yawk-way) and he'll be your best friend.

Here's what Cam loves:

1. Coconut trees and freshly picked coconuts

2. Winning Trivial Pursuit.

4. Attempting to single-handedly save the magazine industry by subscribing to more magazines than my finances allow.

5. Netflix. Don't know how I ever enjoyed movies without it.

6. The color orange.

7. Buying cookbooks and then not cooking anything from them.

8. Feeling the ocean breeze while watching waves crash on the shore.

9. Family, friends, and Lady Gaga.

10. Museums (both art and {Bean}).

11. Beginning the day listening to Petula Clark's "Downtown."

12. Creating {fake organizations} just so I can hold leadership positions in them.

13. Ikea and Urban Outfitters.

14. Seeing Russia from my house.


jwise said...

I like museums and IKEA, too. I'm going to have to look into the fake organizations. Sounds promising!

LL said...

he's HILARIOUS! loved his list. I kept agreeing with each one (especially #5, 6 and 7) Then LAUGHED OUT LOUD when I read #12 and #14! I can tell he's a keeper.
Little brothers are the BESTEST thing EVER!

Beth said...

Aren't he a good source for love? Don't you wish you could bankroll him to his tropical paradise where he could be at the beach all dang day sipping coconut juice from coconuts what the dang natives plucked and cut open for him? I do.
Good post, Cam.

Cambo said...

What can I say? I'm a delight to all who know me.

EmmaP said...

tee hee... "Van De Lay Industries" comes to mind! hahaha!

Meridee said...

Love the list. Love The Boy!!!

K said...

Can't say anything about winning Trivial Pursuit. Have never managed to do it. I suspect I never will.

Emily Rasmussen said...

Cam, I have a weird love for the bean too! Stewart and I used to joke that we should of had our reception there. Ha! That would be so fun to watch everyone's faces as they walked in as saw the liger and the monster bear staring down at them.

Rev. Dennis said...

Who is that attractive young gentleman leering behind Cameron in the photograph? Very handsome.


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