Monday, February 8, 2010

14 Days of Love: by Heather

The first time I saw Heather's blog, {The Coterie}, I thought "Everything on this page is beautiful." And it was. And it always is. She's a photographer and a mom and a wife to one of the cutest guys from my high school. She has taken pictures of my kids and is an absolute pleasure to work with. She chased Maggie around the yard for a half hour snapping photos while Maggie acted not too pleased about it, and then a week later I had the most gorgeous pictures I've ever seen in my life. She did the same thing with my twins a year later. And she doesn't even bat an eye about how crazy my kids are to photograph. Her {etsy shop} is darling and her {photos} are fantastic. She's magic. And she's nice. Can't beat that combo.

Without further ado, here's what Heather loves:

1. Vanilla ice cream with melted peanut butter

2. Rain storms in the summer

3. Freshly picked flowers that I came from the yard

4. The smell of books, old and new

5. Watching unique people in the airport

6. Leftovers for breakfast

7. Daily phone calls from my mom, just to say hello

8. Giant, juicy hamburgers

9. Strangers that compliment

10. Homemade ice cream

11. When the Mr. cooks dinner

12. Receiving unexpected (and expected) packages in the mail

13. Warm towels right out of the dryer

14. reading love letters

image from {here}


EmmaP said...

that is soooo sweet! and yes - she is an amazing photographer!

jwise said...

SOOOO with you on reading love letters!! My husband and daughter eat leftovers for breakfast, too. I didn't realize anybody else did! :) And the vanilla ice cream with melted peanut butter sounds interesting...

Heather said...

You're too kind, Megan!

LL said...

another great list. I love reading these because I find myself saying "YES, me too" on so many of them....yet I wouldn't have thought of them myself!

K said...

Very nice.

H@ll! said...

I love this idea and wondered if you would be offended if I did the same on mine but give props to you for the cool idea. Please email me @ one way or the other.

Meridee said...

Heather I love the pictures that you took of Maggie and The Boys. Great job. And great list. I've been thinking about the "strangers that compliment" and it is such a good one. To get a compliment from someone that you don't know is a wonderful thing. You know that they don't feel obligated to say something, so it must be true. A good feeling. I'll have to try to do it more often.


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