Tuesday, February 9, 2010

14 Days of Love: by Emily the Cliff

When I returned home from my mission in Hungary, I moved into an apartment with a bunch of other girls who had also returned home from missions. My roommate Tasha was the kindest, funniest, coolest person I had ever met. She introduced me to other people who were kind, funny, and, yes, even cool like she was. The best of those people was named Emily. I knew I liked Emily when she confessed to me that she loved {Hanson}. And then she borrowed my Hanson t-shirt to wear to a party. Emily is getting married and if you want to read something about love and home and happiness that will make you happy, then read {this}. You should probably read it right now. One of the things I love about Emily is how much she loves her family. If you know one Clifford, before long (I mean, before 5 minutes have passed) you will probably have met 2, 3, and if you're lucky, 4 or 5 siblings. Maybe you can even collect all 6. They are all clever, and funny, and quirky, and loyal, and they could all introduce you to a band or song you've never heard before that will make your life more complete. I love that Emily the Cliff.

And now for 14 things EC loves:

1. paper cups from gas stations filled to the top with ice and diet dr. pepper

2. milkshakes on vacation

3. buying pretty junk I don't need (but want!) from the internet, like {this}, {this}, and {this}

4. asking babies who have recently learned their face parts where their noses are

5. the smell of hardware stores and warehouse spaces

6. showers- a shower after a workout, a shower after a long week, a shower before a great date, a shower in the middle of a day...I'd take three a day if I could make it work

7. peacocks and their feathers

8. riding in a car with all the windows rolled down and the music turned up

9. curling up in bed with a book I can't put down (like {Angle of Repose})

10. belts, belts, belts

11. post-party house clean up; picking up scattered cups, eating leftovers, washing piles of dishes, and sweeping up the remnants of a delightful night

12. scarves for my neck and scarves for my hair

13. sore muscles because it means I've used them

14. falling in love with a new band, like {these dreamy kids}.


Meridee said...

Emily I love your list. The other day I must have asked Will and Cole about twenty times where their noses were because they said "Nose" and pointed, bending their noses to the side, in such an adorable way. I wish I had the kind of waist that could wear a belt nicely but I'm afraid that the first word that would pop into people's heads upon seeing me belted up would be "SANTA."

jwise said...

LOL (Meridee). You are so NOT Santa. This is a great list, and I am with Emily on the sore muscles. (I need to get them sore more often, though!)

Beth said...

Angle of Repose! I was so disturbed by that book, but it was riveting.
And post-party cleanup: you're on duty the next time I have a party because that's the WORST part of having a party. No, cleaning the house to get ready for a party is the worst because then it's clean for the first five minutes (when noone notices) and then it's dirtier from all the partying.
Good list.

LL said...

AMEN on #1!!!

EmmaP said...

i am always falling in love with a band, or a boy or a boy band :)

and i was addicted to diet dr pepper the entire time I worked at Delta Airlines! lol!

Ems said...

Beth I will happily come clean after your next party, and the rest of you ladies...so glad I have sisters in Diet Dr. Pepper.

elizabeth said...

wow you know my sister better than i do

Jayne said...

Megan, I love these posts and of course especially this one! What a lovely idea. As one of originators of the clifford clan I was delighted to read your nice words. Emily was (is) a dream of a child, so your feeling have merit. And all these girls - women! REALLY GREAT.


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