Friday, February 12, 2010

14 Days of Love: by Emma

Today's post comes from Emma. My husband was a boy scout leader in the last city we lived in. Emma's 13 year old son was in Dan's troop. The kid was hilarious! Every time he was over at our house he was polite and hilarious and darling. A few month's later I met Emma and I instantly knew why her son was so wonderful--he was JUST LIKE his mother. Emma is very funny and honest and talented! She can plan a party for 5 kids or 300 adults--with food, games, and a theme that will blow your socks off. She is a wonderful mother, great friend, and she's recently gone back to school--so a smart girl is getting even smarter. Emma is just one of those people that can dig in, get it done, and make it fun. Whatever it is. Go pay {Emma} a visit.

14 . That split second after I’ve finished sneezing and realize I haven’t peed my pants. Truly a celebratory moment!

13 . Biting into some dark chocolate, confirming I’ve made the right candy selection.

12 . Hot Irish men with accents… (have you seen “PS, I LOVE YOU"???)

11. Finding just the right tune from John Mayer, Jason Mraz, Keane, or Jamie Cullum, etc. that sums up how I am feeling right then and there, and then downloading it to my iPod, setting it to repeat and listening to it 200 times in a row until I know every word, every breath, every ooh and every ah… (What do you mean, “compulsive”?)

10. Cheese! Glorious Cheese! (get a “big” brie wheel from Costco, bake on sheet of foil @ 250, 10-15 minutes and delve in with triscuits… Oh.My.Gosh.Gooey.Goodness!!! You won’t regret it!)

9 . Making late night runs for Mexican Food… yumm-o! (Washed down by a Diet Coke, of course!)

8 . (something I have NEVER told ANYONE till now) Caltoy Hand Puppets that I secretly started collecting a few years ago from thrift shops. Seriously – they are so stinkin cute! (I only have 6 so far…no clue what I am gonna do with them… I may just have to blog about this.)

7 . Finding a decent smelling bath gel for like a buck and then pouring HALF of its contents under running hot bath water for a luxurious long soak!!! (Now, if only I had a deep-enough tub to actually submerge the girls!)

6 . Massages… they are like crack-cocaine. For reals. If you haven’t had one, get one.

5 . When my kids look at me, talking with their mouths full, telling me I am like the best cook ever and can I please, please, please make this again?

4 . Improving my time on the treadmill or running trail It’s empowering!

3 . Vintage Spoon Rings. This is a new obsession… totally cool. Best ones I’ve seen are on Etsy, for reals!

2 . That moment leading up to like the best kiss ever… A little nibble on the ear, face to palm, mouth to tongue…. Whew! Is it like getting hot in here or is it just me???

1 . That moment when I realize that I *AM* on the right track, and that I *CAN* do hard things, and that my Heavenly Father *DOES* love me and that in the end, no matter what happens… I *WILL* be ok. Yeah… I love *THAT* moment.


jwise said...

Wow!!! Amazing list. No wonder you love this Emma. Anybody who can use the words "crack-cocaine," "mouth to tongue" and "Heavenly Father" in 6 sentences knows what's what! And I totally do #7. And I also LOVE #5 (when it happens)!

LL said...

wow~she seems fabulous!!! this list made me laugh...and once again relating while thinking "i wouldn't have thought of THAT" great stuff!!!

Holli and Billy said...

I LOVE Emma! She totally cracks me up!!!

EmmaP said...

HOLY.HANNAH.SWEET.MOTHER.OF.PEARL! I totally forgot ALL of what I blabbed to ya here on this li'l ol' sweet blog o' yers! I probably should explain that the reason I sort of come of as PSYCHO is because it was probably like 2 in the morning when I wrote this...Or maybe I AM this crazy! hahaha! Thanks Megs! And you're right! Keenan IS freakin HIL.A.RI.OUS! He's much more funny and intelligent than I EVER was!

Amy said...

I found your blog! Love it! Thanks for the nice comments on mine. Nice to be in touch!

RhondaLue said...

I heart Emma. She makes me laugh..and she makes me feel normal. lol ;)

greenolive said...

Love the list. It is so totally Emma. I've known her all my life so I don't think it's crazy so much, rather endearing and fun.

The Willeyes said...

This list is you Em :) And 14 more reasons why we love {heart} you. You are a total crack up!:)

Meridee said...

Emma I loved your list. I also love the comments you leave on Megan's blog. Your collection of Caltoy puppets should come and meet my Folkmanis ones. I checked out your blog and laughed at your list of valentine buying don't. You're funny!


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