Thursday, February 11, 2010

14 Days of Love: by Katie

One day I was just going about my own business when I read a comment someone had left on my blog. The comment itself was funny, but it was also accompanied by a picture of a girl striking a pose by some huge mammoth tusks or something. Maybe it's modern art. I have no flipping idea. I just love her face. I thought to myself, "That girl and I should be friends." Anyone with a ridiculous profile picture should definitely be my friend. So now we are friends, in the internet sense anyway. Katie is an engineer (I like engineers--I married one) and her husband is an ear doctor. They just bought a house and I'm fascinated reading about their adventures in renovating. I can always count on Katie, {KC's Masterpiece}, for a funny post, picture, or hilarious venting-about-renovation session.

Here are 14 things Katie loves:

1. New Socks
2. Getting overpriced popcorn and diet coke at the movies
3. Wearing the ear doctor's sweatpants to bed
4. The smell of my puppy's head right behind his ears
5. Shirts with interesting buttons
6. A new tube of mascara
7. The bloom of a crocus popping up through crusty snow
8. Pencil skirts
9. Singing Chicago at the top of my lungs while driving on a summer afternoon
10. The smell of the woods in the morning
11. My little sister's dimples
12. My mom's meatloaf
13. Beating my brother at a game of spoons
14. The way my dad's lip looks like a turtle's when he's searching for his soda straw. 


EmmaP said...

I love spoons! I haven't played that in forever. She cracks me up... turtle lips. Ha!

Katie said...

Oh, Hooray for this post! Thanks for asking me!

Janssen said...

Oooh, Pencil skirts. One of the best things about being a girl.

K said...

Short. Sweet. Singing at the top of your lungs _ priceless.


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