Thursday, January 7, 2010

Breakfast Brawl

The other day, the boys were screaming and refusing to eat lunch. They were throwing everything I placed in front of them. Then I had an epiphany and handed each of the dudes a fork. They immediately calmed down and started stabbing the bits of mandarin oranges on their trays and shoving them into their mouths. It was like they had been waiting their whole lives to eat like civilized human beings. Brilliant. They love forks.

I've continued to offer them utensils with every meal and they love it. Until today.

Coleman turned to Will and started stabbing him in the arm with his fork. Will of course screamed his head off. Then he grabbed Cole's chair and tipped his chair so he could rough him up like this:
The force is strong with these two.


the fellers said...

oh man, that is hilarious! I LOVE that he grabbed his chair and pulled it to him!!!

K said...

Yeah. Wait till they start making up their own language.

jwise said...

Oh, wow! This is my least favorite stage (okay, let's be honest--between the ages of 1 and 4 is my least favorite stage). I can't imagine doing it "double." I've said it once and I'll say it again--it REALLY takes somebody amazing to be a mom to twins. You are way more awesome than you even realize! Even though it later became a weapon, I still think your fork idea was genious!

jwise said...

I hope you're totally laughing. I just realized I spelled "genius" wrong! LOL

Tigersue said...

Time to separate them I guess. :)
I am sure they already have their own language. My girls aren't twins and they always seemed to talk to each other without the rest of us having a clue. They started that as soon as Abbie was old enough to babble.


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