Friday, January 8, 2010

Cupcake Date: The Chocolate Dessert Cafe

Yesterday we took an outing to {The Chocolate} in Orem. And yowza! it was yummy.
They had cute little mini cupcakes (they call 'em babycakes), so I took it upon myself to try 4: Vanilla, chocolate, lemon curd and chocolate caramel.
The vanilla and the lemon curd were my favorites.

Maggie was a little unhappy that I didn't buy her the cream puff as big as her head that she picked out in the display case. What a mean mom she has!

Vhari and her cute girls got in on the cupcake action,
while the twins watched, licking their lips:
Afterwards we went to the play area at the mall. An indoor public park. Totally brilliant. Cupcake dates just might get me through the winter.


Ginna said...

argh. why don't we have any cupcake places here??? and why aren't you here??? i need like 15 cupcake dates. i really need them, and i need a cupcake NOW.

Tia said...

Mmmm...those sound delish! I must go there.

PS - I love your new blog header.

Hill Call said...

Love how ticked Maggie is in this post, how can you not give her what she wants?

Ashley said...


jwise said...

Oooh, they all look good. I think cupcake dates would get ME through the winter!

The Willeyes said...

That's my friends place. Aren't her cupcakes the best? :) Yummy!


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