Tuesday, December 8, 2009



You can now find me on over to {the Twitter}. It's kind of like {the Facebook} only more confusing and without all the invitations to join people's farmville mafia vampire wars or whatever people are always inviting me to join (which if you are one of those people I thank you for thinking of me and I hope your vampire mafia piglets are well).

If you are on Twitter (in Twitter? at Twitter? by Twitter?) and you want to befriend me (or follow me? is that the lingo?), I thank you in advance 'cause I have no idea what I'm doing over there. But I have a feeling its going to be fun.

Follow mmmboppin_megs on Twitter


Cambo said...

I think the correct term is "over to the twitter." I kind of just have my twitter synced with facebook, so if you're getting my facebook statuses already I'm afraid you won't find anything new.

jwise said...

Yeah, I'm with Cam. "Over to the Twitter." I'm sure that's how the older ladies in your ward say it, so that must be right. I love your description of the mafia farm pigs or whatever on earth everybody does on facebook. I've never accepted an invitation from anybody. Who has the time?? Anyway, I'm impressed you're going over to the Twitter. I'll never make it that far.


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