Wednesday, December 9, 2009

For Sale

Alright. Enough of you said "Sell them, Sister!" that it convinced me to do just that. If anybody wants me to make them a baby/toddler/kid "cougar + ute = cute" shirt for $8 then send me an email [margfarg (at) gmail (dot) com] and we'll get it going. I can do it on a red or blue shirt with silver, black, or white lettering so let me know what you prefer. Adorable babies not included, you'll have to supply your own.

I've almost got an etsy shop set up, but I'm still working those "business-ish" things out in my mind, so this is my training wheels version of an etsy shop (via email).

P.S. For those of you not from around here, the rivalry between my Alma Mater (BYU Cougars) and my husband's (University of Utah Utes) is really serious. These shirts help to make peace. ;-)


Ginna said...

aw, I thought it was the boys. I was all over that. But the shirts are cute too! (actually I adore the shirts, I think it's great you're selling them!)

Cherry Tree Lane said...

What adorable pictures! I love it!

Oh, and thank you soooooo very much for your sweet comment about my last post. I wanted to personally email you, but I don't have your email for some reason.

It truly encouraged me!
My love,

Amanda D said...

Good luck in your selling! I think they are going to be a big hit!

jwise said...

I'm glad you're doing it!! They are so adorable!!

Lilly said...

SOOO darling! I would TOTALLY get in on that action if we weren't all true blue Cougar fans around here!

Camille said...

Ok, so my bro married a Ute fan, I know, it's ok though, she's cool. They are having a girl in Feb... I have them for Christmas... I'm thinking I need a red one. I hate to go red, since I bleed blue.... but it is a girl.... later we'll have to do a blue one. Let me know where to send the mooolah!

Rev. Dennis said...

Oh em gee, I want one. But they are probably much cuter on babies.


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