Tuesday, December 8, 2009

New to This Santa Business

This year I've been trying to teach Maggie that Santa brings you things in accordance with your behavior: If you are a good girl and listen to your mommy, Santa brings toys. If you are a naughty girl and keep hitting your brothers, you don't get anything (she doesn't know what coal is, so I figure not getting anything makes more sense).

But every time I ask her what she'd like Santa to bring if she's good, she says, "Presents!"

"What kind of presents, Maggie?" I pry, "Barbies? Princess dresses?"

"No, Mom. Not princess, just presents!"


So, I was surprised when we were prepping her on Saturday to go see Santa that she finally settled on something to ask Santa for. We asked her what toy she wanted Santa to give her and she said "And I get a fishing! And I catch a fishy! And I get a fishing toy!"

Never saw that one coming.

But then she changed her mind when she saw Santa giving out bags of peanuts. That was all she wanted from him. When he asked what she wanted for Christmas she squeaked, "I want some nuts."



Marilyn said...

"And I get a fishing! And I catch a fishy!"

It's so beautiful.

I like that girl.


Rachel said...


jwise said...

Yeah, it's awesome when they don't even know what they want. They're bound to be happy then, right?

K said...

First Sunday of the month. First 9 o'clock schedule in years. Freezing. Fasting. I, too, want some nuts.

I also like fishing toys???


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