Monday, September 14, 2009


We went to Vegas over the weekend. No, not to see this:


But to see {her}:

And it was awesome. My darling cousin Liz just returned from serving as a missionary in Milan, Italy, and we just had to go down and see her. I'm not gonna lie, the trip was hard on the kids, but my parents were so sweet to let us ride with them in their motor home, so it was so much better than it could have/would have been.

It was so much fun to catch up with Liz in between Maggie's screaming fits (she was deathly afraid of their puppy). Now, if I can just convince Lizzy to move in with me and cook pasta every night...


Rachel said...

Everytime we go on a trip and we see a motor home I am insanely jealous! I want one of those. I tell myself that traveling would be soooo much easier with the kids.

Lilly said...

I love Vegas. We went twice this summer. I think my favorite part about your page is that the tacos are talking.

Emily said...

Stew kept telling me how much being around your kids made him homesick for his kids. I wish we could have been there too!


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