Tuesday, September 1, 2009

First Twin-ly Conversation

Today my boys talked to each other--in English (their first language, of course, is jabber). They sat in the bathtub after lunch, holding tub toys up to their ears as cell phones, and looked at each other.

"Hi," said Will.

"Hi," said Coleman.







Okay, so maybe there wasn't a whole lot to the conversation, but it was definitely thrilling for them (and me), as well as repetitive.


the fellers said...


Holdinator said...

I'm sure they were able to read between the "Hi's".

jwise said...

That's hilarious!!! :)

K said...

Oh, I love it when this happens. The conversations you're going to overhear. Write them all down, and then spill -= it's going to be GREAT.

Sharlyn said...



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