Monday, August 31, 2009

Two Dollar Insanity

In my town there is a great place called Thanksgiving Point. There's a museum, tons of gardens, a farm, a golf course, restaurants, a movie theater. Tons of stuff. It was built by a really rich lady as a "gift to Utah County." But then I think she realized that it takes even more money than she'd realized to give a gift to Utah County, so she jacked the prices up on everything. Too rich for my blood.

Anyway, I've never been to the museum. In fact, I hadn't been to Thanksgiving Point since 1998 when they changed it from being free. But my cousin (and buddy) Becca called me last week and invited me to go to $2 Tuesday and see the dinosaur museum with her and her kids--you can get into any venue for $2. What that means in Utah County, though, is that every mother with her 5 children and all her friends with their 5 children are there with 3 strollers apiece. Wall to wall double strollers--saving some money on a kid friendly activity. Not like I can complain since I went with 3 kids under 3 in a triple stroller the size of Texas, but whatever.

We did manage to have some fun while we risked our lives maneuvering through the crowds:

Thanks for inviting us Becca. We had a blast!


cat said...

Great pictures - looks like a fun place.

Beth said...

Elicia went to that this month, too, but said she'd cut her head off before she did it again. Funny, huh? Elicia, with her head cut off. Because, honestly, she probably will do that again. So.

Tigersue said...

I let you know though that the really rich lady is one of the most charitable people around. :)

I think I would rather spend the mega bucks if I go again, with all the kids pushing and shoving I could hardly do anything with the girls. I would rather spend the 10 dollars, (although I'm more tempted to do a family yearly pass) and be able to spend time than go with all the commotion.

Becca said...

It was definatly crazy...but it was fun being together!! Thanks for coming with me even though it might just be the last time we go for $2.. Love ya!!

jwise said...

Oh, fun! I love Thanksgiving Point! (Well, I say that but I've been there once.) Thanksgiving Point for $2 would be even better (even with all the strollers)!

K said...

I've only been there once, too - back when it was free and under construction. It's GOT to be more interesting now that they've got the dry-wall up and painted. But I don't like going there at all. Everything is WAY too expensive. I used to kind of like the Emporium (with the same caveat), but last time I went there, long, long ago, it was just snooty furnishings - not creative, just fake middle eastern stuff to put in a living room WAY bigger than mine -

But it looks like you guys had fun, anyway. And being in a flock of strollers can be a good thing. Really.


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