Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Megan's Adventures in Wonderland

I just finished reading Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. I figured that since that new film is coming out (that looks fantastic by the way), and since the book is only like 80 pages long, and since I saw it at the library, I might as well read it.

I've read it before, and somehow I'd forgotten how absolutely strange it is. Some things had me laughing out loud and some things had me feeling really sorry for poor Alice and some things just had me puzzled. Definitely curious. And delightful in a very weird way.

I can identify with little Alice, though. No, I didn't exactly follow a white rabbit into a hole. But I've been thinking about a lot of things, important things, like God, and life, and children, and motherhood, and grace, and family. And my thoughts are so big that I really feel like a lost little girl wandering through them trying to make sense of it all.

And at the same time, I'm trying to figure out how to make and can juice from 6,000 pounds of grapes. Which is hard enough to make me want to just throw away the 6,000 pounds of grapes and pretend they never grew on our vines. Keeping a home while keeping 3 babies is hard.

Life is deep. Definitely curious. And delightful in a very weird way.


Rachel said...

And then there is me.......the white rabbit...who is always late.....for a very important date.......

Ginna said...

amen to this post. amen sister!


jwise said...

Love your thoughts. I often feel the same way. Still, I think 6,000 pounds of grapes from your own yard is so cool!! Sorry, I don't know how to juice them, either.

K said...

Hmmmm. Some say that Alice was written by a mathematician - and some say it's his drug dream. Some others, however, say it was written secretly by the queen of England and attributed to Lewis Caroll (sp) - which is interesting, as it then becomes a sort of political and class commentary. Me? I don't like it. The delight escapes me.

If you ever want to talk about grace - I've been doing a lot of thinking about it over the last three years - and neighboring concepts as well. Could be fun to talk.

Yes. Keeping a home is very hard. I did it with three babies - but not two actual babies at one age - while running a business on the side - two phones, scheduling, public relations - and I never even liked children. But it was costly. And very much down the rabbit hole. When I look back, I can see very dangerous moments. I held fast, but sometimes I left fingernails in the wood.

The Winwards said...

I agree, "thoughts so big" definitely.

As far as the grapes go, you can borrow a juicer, I have one. You just put all the grapes in and steam away. Out of the nozzle comes, concentrate. Then you put bottles in a hot water bath etc, etc.

Or you can just wash grapes, take off stems and put in jars. Add a syrup mixture, sugar and water, don't be frightened here, about 1 cup sugar per cup of water. Pour hot syrup mixture over grapes, put in hot water bath etc, etc.

Or you can donate the grapes and let someone else worry about them, or you can throw them away and congratulate yourself on such a bumper crop and look forward to a time when you can do something with them. I think you win in every situation.


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