Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The 4th Dimension

Yesterday Maggie brought me the book "Tiptoe into Kindergarten" and pointed to the rice table in the drawing and said, "Mom! I play it! PLEASE!?"

"That looks fun, huh?" I said.

"But Mom! I PLAY IT! Please?" she insisted.

"Yes, you can play with the book," I said.

"NO, MOM. I PLAY IT!" she screamed.

"You want to play with the rice table? Well, we don't have one, but it sure looks fun, doesn't it?" I said.

And at that point she threw herself on the floor and screamed her lungs out. I think one of her lungs actually came out (but I made her swallow it back down. I figured it was an important organ).

Then this morning she brings me another book and points to the little girl in the picture playing in a wading pool with 2 mermaid dolls. "Mom, I play mermaid?" she asks.

And since we don't have any mermaid dolls you can imagine how the rest of it played out. I wish I could just shove her into the book to play for the day. I could retrieve her later, for lunch, or maybe just let her have what the story people are having. It might be a good break, for both of us.


Katie Gee said...

LOL! We have that kindergarten book! It was never a favorite of mine but the rice table does look fun! Messy probably, but fun!

EmmaP said...

maybe YOU should write a book about shoving Maggie into a book! hahaha!

Kati said...

Megan! This is so funny! What every you do------ DON"T let her watch the movie Mary Poppins. The next thing you know she will be drawing a picure on the sidewalk and trying to dive into it- And as we all know- that may not turn out so good!

K said...

Okay, maybe I'm old and glad.

By the way, Emma's idea is really cool. Write it.


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