Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Courtesy Laugh

Yesterday I made a face and Coleman laughed really hard. So I did it again and he screamed with laughter. And again. And again. Then I did it one last time and Coleman knew it was his cue to laugh, so he did. But I could tell he really didn't mean it. It was totally forced.

My first infantile courtesy laugh. I'm in trouble if my jokes are already getting old.


MOMster said...

I've got some really awesome (ok, they're a little lame) jokes. I'm sure Coleman adores your face. After all, who does he love more than his mommy?

Ginna said...

I love the baby courtesy laughs. It's fascinating that they already realize what they're supposed to do--and I always feel like they're being careful of my feelings. Funny stuff.

jwise said...

You always get the best pictures! Love it. I think it's kinda cool that he's smart/sensitive enough to know WHEN he's supposed to laugh. But that's dang funny.
P.S. I find it hard to believe that YOU and any of your jokes would ever get old.

K said...

My kids were always laughing politely for me. The shocking thing is that they could tell when I was trying to be funny. In other words, they GOT IT, but they didn't find me amusing. But they had good hearts, poor little dears.


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