Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I Need These

Okay, I don't really need the flag wall decals, but I want them. Bad.  And get this: they're from Walmart. Seriously. Aren't they too adorable?

Image {from here}


jwise said...

too cute!!!! :) I need to hire YOU to decorate my house.

jayniemoon said...

I think that is the cutest bedroom I've ever seen. Where in the world did you get that fantastic rug? The flags are perfect!

jayniemoon said...

Okay, doy. I just clicked on your link. You'll have to forgive me--I'm not always the quickest of the bunch. But seriously, get the flags.

K said...

Hmmm. A little frenetic, aren't they? A little too much for life to live up to? Cute though. And shockingly progressive for the good old Mart.


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