Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Elmo, How Did You Know?

Maggie is going to the dentist tomorrow. First time ever. And I'm kind of  afraid of how Maggie is going to act. Every time we go to the doctor she screams the entire time. She won't even stand on the scale for them--she clings to me for dear life. She can't even be bribed for stickers or sugar free suckers (not that I blame her, I had a bad experience once with Sorbees.)

So, I've been really talking the dentist up today and practicing looking at her teeth. But I was still scared because I didn't think she had any idea what a dentist was, so me saying "Maggie gets to go to the dentist tomorrow. Dentists are so fun!" wasn't really helping.

And then after lunch we turned on the last few minutes of Sesame Street. And it so happened that the topic on Elmo's World was teeth. And it so happened that they went along with a little boy on his first trip to the dentist. And it so happened that Maggie and I cheered and clapped and talked about how much fun it would be to have the dentist look at our teeth!

Elmo, how did you know we needed that today? If only you could come help us tomorrow. I'm afraid they're gonna have to drug her to get her in the chair... we'll let you know how it goes.


Marilyn said...

Wow, she still seems so young for that! My dentist doesn't see them till they're 3! But hopefully she will have a good time. They usually have prizes for them afterwards, or something, so I bet she'll like that.

Megs said...

She's been whacking her mouth on stuff lately (accidentally of course)and her front teeth are looking a little wounded so we're just going to make sure its all okay.

here's my sentence "Gladys loved going to the dentist, they always suctur mouth clean."

Angie Lewis said...

Wow, you're description of Maggie at the doctor's office is 100% identical to Christopher. He literally has a nervous breakdown from the moment they try to weigh him. Chris and Maggie must be two peas from the same pod...maybe we should get together and compare notes! As for Elmo, he saves the day for us quite regularly! :) Good luck tomorrow!!

Ginna said...

so are you going to a pediatric dentist or a general? I honestly had no idea pediatric dentists even existed until Kris told me he wanted to do that. But the beauty of those guys is they're so experienced with kids that they know exactly what to do. And sometimes what to do requires a lot of screaming and holding the kid down, but because of their level of experience they tend to know how far is too far.
But a general dentist who works with kids a lot would be able to do that too.

She'll probably scream and be totally uncooperative, like my son still is, but remember, the dentist/pedodontist, whatever, he's used to it. He knows what to expect when he sees a 2 yr old on his schedule. :) And he'd refer you out to someone else if he wasn't comfortable with trying himself.

my word is hydrun

"hey look at that ther dog, he's liftin his leg on that ther fire hydrun."

Ginna said...

oh and I forgot to say that I actually think Elmo is heaven sent, although sometimes obnoxious, he's wondrous.

Tigersue said...

My dentist doesn't like to see them until they are 4. Abbie has her first appointment this summer, she will be a few months shy of 4. We will see how it goes. So far all mine have been good, but Abbie is has been my mystery child from the beginning. She may surprise me again and be good as gold.

K said...

How funny that you'd post this the same day Kris posted his Max exam. Maybe you could show her the happy Max pictures?

Denae said...

we go see a pediatric dentist. Laira does great, she even fell asleep during her first filling.(I think it was the gas)

Bailey on the other hand still has a hard time with the dentist. She bites anyone who puts their fingers in there. But like GInna said they are very experienced and have great names for everything. Sometimes they are just going to scream and you have to get it done.


Brad and Kati Baxter said...

I cannot wait to hear how it goes!

Hyrum was great. Paul has HORRIBLE. He covered his mouth with his arm and SCREAMED if we tried to move it, which I did and he screamed and screamed and I had to pin him to the ground so at least they could get the floride treatment on his teeth. ugh................. I can't wait to do it again next year ! not.


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