Sunday, January 4, 2009

You'll Shoot Yer Eye Out!

I do not like guns. I don't. So when a year ago husband started talking about the guys at work and how they all love shooting, I just said, "Well, its a good thing you don't." I hoped the conversation would end there.

It didn't.

He'd tell me how his buddy Scott just bought a new rifle instead of purchasing a new pair of pants to wear to work. He'd rather wear his 80's swim trunks to work than keep dreaming about a gun he didn't have. Pathetic I thought. 

He'd tell me how instead of taking clients golfing or to lunch, his boss would take them to the shooting range. Yeah, they'll give you a lot of business after they're dead from taking a stray bullet in the gut, I thought.

He'd tell me how having a gun would be kind of like having extra food storage since he could go out and shoot something to eat when the world comes to an end. I'd rather eat a diet of oatmeal and instant potatoes (even though I hate instant potatoes) I thought.

And as much as I tried to persuade my dear Dan that guns are evil he still wanted one. And wanted one. And wanted one. 

Then came the day that his boss gave him a Cabela's gift card loaded up with enough cash to purchase a couple of guns. I was happy when he first chose to spend it on some pants for work. And a cool flashlight. I tried hard to steer him towards a camp stove. But he went for a rifle instead. 

It took me a long time to come to terms with it. 

But then I shot it. Out of the 28 bullets I shot, all 28 of them hit the target. Not bad for a chick who'd never held a gun before. Not bad at all.


Aly said...

Wait to you hear this..... This is what happens when your dad is on the National Army Rifle Team and competed in target shooting for many years.

All five of us kids took hunter safety when we were in 6th grade(I was the only girl in my glass). When I was a kid my dad made a mini shooting range in our basement where we could practice shooting metal silhouttes with our bb guns and pellet guns. Then my dad got all of us kids to shoot on a competition rifle team. He also liked us to practice our different shooting positions while we were watching t.v. Needless to say, I practiced my prone, kneeling, sitting, and standing position with my unloaded gun while watching t.v. quite a few times. I realize to the average person this sounds a little demented, but I assure you that we all knew how to handle guns and gun safety was drilled into our heads.

I don't want to brag (but I'm gonna), thanks to my amazing dad, I am a dang good shot. It drives Matt crazy that this is the one sport that he cannot beat me at.
Matt is totally into guns and loves to go shooting. We go out shooting with my dad on occassion. My dad has quite the gun collection, especially since he was in the military. So, if Dan wants to go out and shoot some big boy guns have him give us a call.

Tigersue said...

I have to say, you made me laugh with this one!

With my hubby's job, he has had to learn how to shoot a gun. He has enjoyed it, and would really like one. At this point no go. :)

Tiffany said...

Not bad Megs! Steve's been talking about getting a gun too-- boo.

Cambo said...

Ya dern rednecks.

The Willeyes said...

Well I can't see the picture, but I'm sure it's a beaut:)
I am not a gun person either and my hubby would like to be as well. I scares the crap out of me so good for you for actually shooting it...and doing so well I might add:)

hollibilly said...

Heck. Yah. You are AWESOME! Billy has been lusting over guns for quite some time. So to suffice his appetite for one, for Christmas I got him a gift certificate to get his concealed weapons permit. Maybe someday a gun. He has picked me out a cute pink one. That makes me feel a little better about them :)

EmmaP said...

plus - I say that a gun/rifle/shotgun is *essential* as part of your emergency preparedness kit. You might have to ward off others who try to steal your rations. If you don't believe me, go and watch season 1 of "Jericho". lol!

Rachel said...

When I lived at home my dad called me his little Annie Oakley. I love guns!.....and power tools....and toilets that flush.

Christopher Clifford said...

Awesome! Now that Dan has a gun we will have to make a trip to the cabin when the snow melts.

You will be in good company, Tasha isn't much of a gun lover, but clay pigeons beware, she is an ace with a shotgun.

Dan said...

Megs, I think having a gun is making us really popular. Look at all the doors and avenues opening right before us. If we'd known, we'd a gotten guns a long time ago. What gun should we get next?

Brittanie said...

Another way to to tie a gun into food storage/emergency preparedness is... If someone comes and tries to steal your food, etc. You will have protection! ;)

Kel said...

One of my first dates with my husband was shooting, and I beat him on the close range targets. Since then, I have loved to go together. If you ever need some buddies to go with you, let me know.

Christopher Clifford said...

I don't know what you should get next, but this is the gun I want.

I want it more than just about anything else.


K said...

Yes, Megs, there are people you ACTUALLY KNOW WELL who won't leave home without one. That would not be me. Or Guy. But people. Actually, the one time I shot a 22, I was pretty dang good at it, and didn't do badly with a service revolver. But having them around children makes me nervous, and just a tip: people actually break into houses because they know there's a gun, and they want it. So don't talk about this too much. A gun safe is a good thing.

Maybe someday we'll get one. I've made it this far without having to shoot a rabid dog or a rabid person, but I don't want to jinx it by talking about that, either. This is not a subject I'm entirely easy with. G's dad let him have a BB gun but treated it as if it were the real deal - it was kept locked up, it was only allowed to be used under controlled conditions, and he was taught to carry it properly and be safe with it.

I'd love to shoot clay pidgeons; I'm just terrified that while we're messing with that up in the mountains, somebody on the other side of the hill will get shot, or a kid will suddenly run in the way. I've thought about carrying one when we ride the horses around the airport - lots of weird people out there sometimes. But I think if I actually shot it, there'd suddenly be no horse under me, which would actually be kind of a bad thing.

K said...

Whoa - this is weird. It posted twice, once in color, and didn't remove the post from the write comment field even after it posted. Something's broken.


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