Wednesday, December 31, 2008

In 2009 I Resolve To:

  1. Make each of my children a quilt. I am not promising fancy. But I am promising 3 quilts (God willing I end the year with only 3 children. Oh please bless).
  2. Not drink carbonation. Oh I will miss you sweet bubbles. But I have been weening myself from you and I know this is best for both of us.
  3. Go on a vacation. 2008 was not a good year for travel. In 2009, however, I vow to travel somewhere. Anywhere. I'd even take Wendover.
  4. Finish my 3 Christmas stockings I've been working on for 3 years. 
  5. Lose 15 pounds. If I do it by summer I'm going to buy myself a new cute skinny swim suit (And wear it on my VACATION--even if I just go to Vernal I will wear that suit! And I will look good.)
  6. Organize our storage so that Dan's office doesn't have to be full of boxes anymore. I challenge myself to get rid of stuff and donate it to D.I.
  7. Figure out some sort of system so that Dan and I can date. Each other. Although if we dated other people we could take turns watching the kids....just kidding.
  8. Go to the temple at least once per month.
  9. Be awesome. Or continue to be awesome. Yeah, just keep being it.


Holdinator said...

So let it be written. So let it be done.

The Willeyes said...

You can go to Disneyland really cheap in Sept and Oct :)
I love organizing. I'll come help you if you want....and you definitely are awesome! Happy New Year!

Ginna said...

I think I may just adopt your list for mine. It's pretty darn good. Except the quilt and stockings part. That would never get done by 2010 around here. Unfortunately.
You are seriously AWESOME!!

the fellers said...

great resolutions, sounds good...I wish we would have been smart when you lived closer, we could trade babysitting and go on date nights....temple, or whatever.....hmmmm, maybe we could still do that...

jwise said...

That is a GREAT list! I would also love to lose 15 pounds, so if you find a good way to do it, please share! You should definitely travel, too. I would add Yellowstone or the Oregon Coast as possiblilities--I'm not even much of a "nature" buff, but these are both AWESOME places to see! I LOVE them!

K said...

Okay. Not making every kid a quilt. Already did that. Hmmmm. Organizing? Out of chaos? Already done by those FAR more into organizing that I am. I think I should go on vacation and the kids should back a truck up to the house and empty all the closets into it and the drawers and cabinets, and just see if when I get back I actually miss any of it.

Yes. Continue being awesome.

Rachel said...

Ya know, Brian and I are still trying to figure out that dating thing....and going to the temple once a month.....

Number 9 for sure! That one you'll definetly be able to keep.


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