Monday, January 12, 2009

Dear Maggie,

Do you know that I am in love with the way you strip down to your diaper 18 times a day no matter how hard I try to persuade you not to? 

Do you know that even with a runny nose, pig-tails pulled out, and chocolate smeared across your face and down your belly you're a knock-out

Do you know that watching you learn a new word, or fold your arms when we pray, or finally grasp the meaning of "take turns" makes me glow

Do you know that your brothers are so lucky to have you? They don't know it yet, either. But they will.

I love you so!


Dan said...

Maggie! I love you too! You are the best big sister ever. I love watching you cuddle with Cole whenever I put him in your bed while you're asleep. Always remember to pray like Heidi. Love, Dad.

K said...

I know the feelin'

Rachel said...

You two are awesome parents. Your babies are so lucky to have you and Dan you know that?

The Willeyes said...

That is so sweet, and she is so adorable:)

jwise said...

Right there--best thing a mom can do for her girl. :)


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