Monday, January 12, 2009

Do You Know This Woman?

Do you? Her name's Tracy Anderson and apparently she's a genius. That's what I found out from reading Cookie Magazine. I don't so much adore Madonna, but I won't argue that she is one fit lady. Gwyneth Paltrow, too. And supposedly this woman is responsible. So, I think I want this video:
The Tracy Anderson Method Presents Post Pregnancy Workout DVD

But here's the thing, I need to know the following information before I consider actually making the purchase:
  1. Does she have a high pitched or otherwise obnoxious voice?
  2. Does she say obnoxious things like "I got your back!" 
  3. Does she smile or point at the camera in an obnoxious way?
  4. Will she require me to do impossible yoga poses? (I'm guessing no, but I wonder).
Do you have a favorite exercise video? I'm thinking if I had a video to look forward to (and I got tired of Billy Blanks in high school, sadly) then I might be more motivated.


K said...

Personally, I am far more likely to get serious and loose this padding watching the Biggest Loser than I am after spending a lot of time watching miss tanning bed there parade around in her cotton undies. Has she had children? Yeah, I'd have to know that before I took her seriously at all.

K said...

Wait. I meant lose. Lose. I'm not about to set that padding loose. I haven't worn a bathing suit in about five years. There are some things the world just isn't ready for.

The Betitas said...

I do have one question about her stomach...whats going on there? Does it look abnormally caved in? It might just be the picture?! (I am being serious with that question btw) I use the Cindy Crawford workout video. I really like it! Nothing too difficult, not too fast paced...Good luck finding one!

megwild said...

I love the obnoxious super-model workout videos. I watch and think to myself - she may look impossibly perfect, but I'm smarter. :) I had one a few years ago with Elle McPherson as the signature super-model and I still find myself quoting her 'not-so-bright' comments. It makes me smile.

Aly said...

Matt and I just started p90x which is a 90-day 12 dvd workout and diet plan. We like it so far. Matt is having a more difficult time because he never works out. It's not that bad for me since I dance and go to the gym 3 times a week already. But the results are supposed to be really amazing at the end of the 90 days. We are on week 2, so we will see.

Brad and Kati Baxter said...

I LOVE Classical Stretch! I just bought it and am more then willing to let you borrow it and try it out! My sista and I were just talking about this- it is so worth it to borrow someones video or rent it from the library before making a purchase. Everyone has such different opinions as to what they like in an excercise video- you can't really go off of what others like- it is about what you like and what you will do. Because if you are like the rest of us- if you don't like it, likely you won't do it. Good luck- and if you do buy it, let me know how it is. Cause once Brad gets a job (crossing my fingers) I will have to work out more at home :)

Rachel said...

Okay Megs, here is what you need to do. Seriously! Take me seriously!

Get your sisters and and your mom. When the hubbies are gone put in this DVD:

Then all of you try to do what these girls are doing with a straight face. No laughing allowed! This is SERIOUS!

If nothing else, you may not lose weight or get in shape but laws it makes for a great time.

jwise said...

Yeah, having something to look forward to is a big draw, I think. I haven't seen this one, so I don't really have any opinions on this, but the fact that her thigh is the size of my forearm makes me wonder. She looks 20 (looking like that at 20 isn't that hard). Definitely find out if she's been pregnant! We need to be dealing with reality here. I personally like Denise Austin (people either love her or hate her) because she is peppy enough to get me motivated yet she has an IQ. And big thighs. They're all muscle, but they're big. And it makes me happy.

jwise said...

P.S. If you decide to get this Tracy Anderson DVD and like it, let me know. I'd love to have thighs like that and a caved-in stomach.

Megan said...

I like Hip-Hop Abs. The guy reminds me of Will Smith, not his looks, but the way he talks. It's fun if nothing else, and I'm sure if I would do it more than once a month, I might lose some weight! If you like dancing, you gotta try it!

Emily said...

check out this website its awesome and I also get their magazine too which is also good. I like them because they have a staff that tries all the videos and then they rank them. If it has a "staff favorite" by it then you know it is good. And they tell you how hard they are and high or low impact.One of my favorite things is that you can watch little clips of the videos - you'll get to hear their voices! :) From what I have bought using them I have been really happy.

Eva said...

i did her butt workout for gwyneth and it kickied my butt. she does have an annoying voice, but at least she didn't talk that much.

i know htis is going to sound silly, but i like the richard simmons workout videos. he doesn't take himself to seriously, and they're definitely entertaining.

cher's step aerobic video is pretty fun, too. her outfits!


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