Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Be True to Your School

Dan and I had a conversation/argument last week about what makes a good high school mascot

Dan favors alliteration (that trend runs thick through Davis County, from Woods Cross Wildcats up to the Layton Lancers)

I appreciate when a mascot reflects area history like the Jordan Beat Diggers or Lehi Pioneers.

But you can't beat a Provo High Bulldog. You really can't. Good old victorious Vic the Bulldog. He doesn't alliterate. He has nothing to do with Provo's founding. But he's a sturdy, trusty, adorable friend. Loyal to the end.

Now, it's your turn. What do you think makes a good mascot? What was your high school name and mascot. Did your mascot have a name? Is there an awesome mascot in your current town?

If you read this and don't comment you have no school spirit and you smell weird.


The Willeyes said...

In grade school were the Manzanita Matadors. For high school, mine was the Cortez Colts. The other schools around were the Alhambra Lions and the Apollo Hawks. None of them had any particular meaning though. I have to say though, growing up, we always laughed at the grade school down the street from us...they were the Palo Verde Roadrunners:)

Denae said...

You know mine! Since it was the same as yours. There are some schools around here that I don't know how well I would enjoy their mascots, but I do love vic! We Bulldogs are lucky!

Beth said...

We are the Westridge Wildcats and we're proud as we can be!
We care for one another and we're like a family!
We go to school year-round and learn the whole year through.
There's different tracks to choose from and more vacations, too.
Reach for the stars, be the best that you can be!
That is our motto, it's our philosophy.
For we are the future and we hold the keeeeeyyyyyyyy to a better world for you and for me.

rylee said...

No school song was sung with more frequency and spirit in our home than the fight song from my dad's old Tooele High School - Home of the Buffaloes:
Here's a tiger to Tooele High.
May our colors ever proudly fly.
We are here to stay until we die,
forever and forever in Tooele!
Rah! Rah! Everbody sing!
Every echo ring!
Far away, we leave our hearts to stay,
forever and forever in Tooele!

jwise said...

My high school mascot was more of a tongue-twister than an alliteration, the Richfield Wildcats. In my opinion, a good high school mascot is one that instills fear. Well, maybe not fear, but sounds tough. I always loved it when we played the Juab Wasps. What, they're going to sting me? A high school in our neighboring town has Papermakers as their mascot (because there is a paper making factory there). But how do you come up with cheers for that? "Go, go, make that paper!" My all-time favorite mascot, though, is my husband's: the Ann Arbor Huron High School River Rats. I kid you not. Nothin' like a proud RIVER RAT! (Don't they live in the sewer?!)

Tigersue said...

As a Bulldog myself, I am right there with you!

the fellers said...

well, growing up in high school we were the Cardston Cougars....I liked it...but I do have to say this, and i dont know why it bugs me so bad, but I think a mascot needs to be an animal...I have no idea why I think that, or where that comes from, but it always bugged me that the town close to us were the magrath zeniths, what IS a zenith anyway? OH...I just looked it up, it is "the highest point reached by a celestial or other object" Yeah, for sure dont like that!

Rachel said...

Darby Tigers! Our mascot was the scarriest tiger you've ever seen. We didn't have mascot's like you do here. Not enough money. Sooo, ours was if some girl was brave enough to put on some black tights and wear black shorts with this wretched striped vest, striped tiger ears on a head band, a striped tail stuck to her butt with pins (safety), and her nose painted black with lovely whiskers painted across her cheeks. And THAT my dear......was our mascot. I only knew one girl brave/insane enough to actually don the thing. Only once.........

Diana said...

Wow! Talk about guilting us into commenting! ;) But I have some winners.

Meadow Park Junior High - Trojans
North Tahoe High School - Lakers
American Fork High School - Caveman

Then my kids went to:
Sunset View Elementary - Dragons (Flamey)
I can't remember Dixon's mascot...sad.
Farer Junior High - Flacons
then finishing at Provo High like you!

Fun post! And to think, I just got notified of my High School Class'30 year reunion....OUCH! It's been THAT long???

Ashley said...

My friends and I discussed this topic just recently. Three of us went to three different high schools which aren't all that far apart but we were all the Tigers! Grissom, Ardmore, and Hartselle Tigers. I loved being a Tiger in High School but now it seems sort of ordinary.

P.S. I wasn't going to comment but I didn't want to be the loser with no school spirit! Haha! j/k

Jill_ums said...

Woods Cross Wildcats. You have to give us credit: We have a two word city and managed a mascot that fits well. Go Cats!!

Emily said...

Northridge Knights. I'm from Davis County. :)

Megan Di said...

I have to agree with the hubby. GO WILDCATS!!!!!!!!

Cuddlydoll said...

Well, I don't want to smell weird so...

Scott says "GO Bulldogs!"

I was a loud and proud Murray Spartan. No alliteration just a bunch of gay roman soldiers. Back in the day we were the Smelterites (due to the smelters that were across the street). Our colors are orange and black (again, representing the smelters) and we could always find a lot of cool stuff during hunting season.

I have to agree with you, I like a mascot to reflect the location. We may have lost the Smelterites but we were still orange and black.

Holdinator said...

Our mascot has a name? Vic? Really?

Huh, I never knew that (which probably doesn't say much for my school spirit, but I hope I don't smell too weird).

What was Dixon's mascot? I honestly can't remember.

Megs said...

Dixon's mascot was the Panther.

Smelterites? that just may be my new all-time favorite! Too bad they changed it.

Tasha said...

Nothing better than inflated condoms at every away game.

The joys of being a Trojan.

eRiCa said...

Don't want to smell weird...

I'm a PHS Bulldog til the end. Bret was a Carson City Senator (what?!).

I know my elementary school song (as well as Provo Highs fight song).

I went to Wasatch Elementary:
There is a school that's called the Wasatch where we love to be each day.

Friends are here and teachers near to help us work and play.

We're proud to say that we're from Wasatch, we really think it's grand...we'll sing and we'll SHOUT, for there is no doubt, it's the best school in the land.

Wasatch mascort = Satch the dog.
There is also a rap :)

Kristin said...

I would like to be at a Football game in Midway and hear the crowd yell, "Wasatch WASPS" "GO WASPS!"

Camille said...

Pretty much I am with Dan. "Woods Cross,stomp stomp, Wildcats! stomp stomp." Very rythmic.

AwesomeAustads said...

Westridge Wildcats, Dixon Panthers, Provo High Bulldogs, Ricks Vikings, BYU cougars. There all in my league. But nothing beats our song: Hail Provo High. You thee our hearts will ere be true. Proudly we fly, our colors high up in the blue. Fight Provo fight,... win for victory. Every bulldog has been taught, to win or not our loyal be. We come to honor or bring you fame, come on Bulldogs and win this game. Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey , Go PROVO! I seem to have forgotten a few words! AHHH!

Dan said...

I am glad for everyone to have school spirit, but what really, really, REALLY irks me is when people spend four-plus incredibly awesome years in college at the U, and then still say they are BYU fans. If I was the president of the U, which I just might become someday, I would not admit BYU fans and people under the age of 18.

If you are a BYU fan, you need to go to BYU and if you are under 18 and are trying to get into college, you need to go back to high school and TRY to get involved and make friendships.







Jessica said...

I'm late commenting on this, but Wow Beth, you've got a memory like no other! I also was a Westridge Wildcat, but there is no way I could remember all that! So impressive...

K said...

Arlington Colts - green and white, and the actual colt was named "Arlie." But one year, the rival school painted him green and it made him sick. That's so sad. I like the colts - playful and a little dangerous, but never mean.


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