Tuesday, December 16, 2008

So is Brad Coming Over?

Now that I'm sleeping through the night, I've gotten back to completing REM cycles. Which means I've had me a couple dreams. Last week after dreaming of Susan Lucci, I had me another dream. And boy was it good. I dreamed I was back in Davis County (which really is a lovely place to live. Miss it much). It turned out that we were living in a new neighborhood (where Chelsea just bought a lovely townhome) and all of Dan's siblings were living there (we each had our own townhomes all in a row).  

Jill came in while we were eating breakfast and informed us that Brad and Angelina had just moved in next door.

"Really!? How do you know!?" I screamed (my star-obsessed true feelings bubbling forth).

"I  just talked to Brad," she said.

"You talked to Brad!??? Brad Pitt? You spoke with him!?!? Did he say anything back!? Who started the conversation? You or Brad? Brad! OH MY GOSH! BRAD PITT! The Pitts! Next door!" I said--er, screamed/ranted.

Jill remained totally calm. "Yeah, he asked if we like to play soccer at the park around here."

"Did you tell him we love soccer? Did you invite him over!?" I plead.

"No. We don't really play soccer."

"So! Lie! Go back! When are we going to see them!? Can I hold their twins? Do they know we have twins!? What did you say to him? Was it really Brad? Did you see Angelina? How does she get her baby weight off so fast!!?" I yelled frantically.

That's how it went until I woke up. And no, I never got to talk to him myself. 

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The Willeyes said...

Wow, what are you eating before bed first of all? Second, if Brad does come over...you better be calling all your friends:)

P.S. I had to laugh, my word verification for this comment was photobrado...how funny is that:)

Beth said...

Well, I have dreams that I do the splits so easily and in the most casual way at odd moments throughout the day: at Sears while clothes shopping, getting ready to make dinner, etc. In my dream I feel kind of cool that I can do this so easily and in a nonchalant manner. I always wake up in wonderment, pleased with my dreaming abilities.

the fellers said...

haha...I promise I was laughing SO hard reading that...I want to have dreams like that...it was hilarious! And what? You are sleeping through the night already? How did you do it so fast? Rylee just last night slept 11 hours straight...for the first time, EVER! I hope it continues!

Rachel said...

You're a nut. A funny nut!

Dan said...

I'm with Beth. I had a dream the other night that I was doing splits on the dance floor just like it was 1999 all over again. Man, those were my dancing days.

Jill_ums said...

I feel so lucky to be starring in your dreams....

Chaci said...

I love reading your blog! So how are you sleeping through the night? I'd love any magical advice you have! And am I the only one who's irritated that Angelina is back to having a perfect body while my stomach looks like jiggly elephant skin? Oh, I'm not bitter, really!


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