Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Dumb Fear

4 months before I had Maggie, my niece Clara was born. I was glad to be able to watch Beth take care of a newborn, I took mental notes of what I was supposed to do because I really felt clueless. But my main fear was: Clara was gorgeous and I just knew my baby would be homely.

I know. That's a really dumb and vain fear. It turned out to be unfounded, but I worried about it a lot. Maggie may be homely to you, but keep it to yourself if you think so. I think she's gorgeous.

Anyway, Beth has done it again. She created another delicious little human being just before my little ones are set to arrive. Mary is the sweetest thing and she's beautiful! Here's hopin' again that my little boys won't come out looking like monsters. 'Cause if there's gonna be 2 of them that look exactly the same they better be worth looking at. Please bless.


Ems said...

ha! I love it because ugly babies are totally my worst fear too! especially since Christasha will undoubtedly create a beautiful human being, setting a precedence for the rest of us.

your boys will be cute though if they are anything like Maggie!

Ginna said...

not a dumb fear at all, but totally unfounded. Your Maggie is adorable, and I'm thinking those twins are going to be right up there with her. I can't wait to see them!!!
But you're right, Beth and Joel do a good job on their kids, they're darn cute!

Beth said...

What a gorgeous baby that Mary is. I wonder who their photographer is! I'm not worried about them twins being ugly, but if it's any consolation, I've always harbored the strange opinion that if they're cute/gorgeous when they're a baby they'll be not cute/gorgeous when they're grown up...I guess that's because you see child stars that are as cute as a button who proceed to turn into weird looking, kind of baby-faced adults in a non-endearing way...
doesn't that idea console you?


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