Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Sweet Dan

Last night I heard my husband making a racket in the kitchen. He had the blender going and was wacking the ice tray against the counter to get out the last squares of frozen goodness. Then he brought down a smoothie and said, "I made you a strawberry/orange smoothie."

"Why thank you," I said. Then remembering that Maggie had eaten our last can of Mandarin Oranges for breakfast that morning and that we didn't have any orange juice or fresh oranges, I asked, "Where'd the 'orange' come from?"

"Oh, that's Metamucil."


That's my inventive, resourceful, and sweet husband Dan. Thanks for the fiber, honey.


Holdinator said...

Resourceful, absolutely, and brilliant!

Tiffany said...

After reading your last few posts, I have one thing to say. "I think you're one hot mama"! and "your boys are going to be sooo handsome" and "mmm...fiber shakes!" ok-maybe that was more than just one thing to say-but they're all true none-the-less. PS I'm in town! I came early! Maybe we could hang out or something!?

The Tuck Family said...

Mmmmmm fiber.....

So cute.

K said...

Maybe that helped things along a little in the delivery area?/?


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