Sunday, June 22, 2008

You Gotta Know This Girl

I was always pretty much obsessed with my brother Joel. He let me hang out with his cool older friends. He was smart. He was a good student which made it so teachers automatically liked me. He was responsible. I remember once being grounded and my mom said I couldn't go out with my friends, but I could go with Joel. He was my best friend. So, when he found himself a girlfriend at the end of his senior year of high school, I was not excited about it. I felt replaced. Little did I know that the girl he'd found was the coolest girl in the entire world. Her name was Beth Roskelley.

Beth was always nice to me. I remember her offering my her disco wardrobe for dances and disco skating. She gave me tons of earrings she'd made to give to my friends for their birthdays. And I was still kind of a jerk to her. I continued to resent her for taking my brother from me until I was doing Beth and Joel's engagement pictures 3 years later. I tripped on a rock and biffed it hard on my back. Joel laughed and laughed while Beth ran to my rescue. I liked her from that moment on.

Now I more than like her. I'm obsessed. She's one of my very best friends. She's more than a friend, she's a sister. When I was single going to BYU I'd drop by her house all the time, often in tears saying that I'd never get married. When I did get married I took her dress shopping with me and asked her advice on all my major decisions. She has always taken care of me. When I was on my mission she sent letters and pictures and made me feel like I was the best missionary in the world. She lends me her maternity clothes when I'm pregnant. She passes down all of Clara's clothes to Maggie (darn it that Maggie is now bigger than Clara!). She calls all the time to offer us furniture and other stuff for our house. She's the most generous person that I know. She's an amazing cook and a fantastic photographer. She's artistic and creative and a wonderful writer.

I'm just happy that she puts up with me because really if I could, I'd visit her every day. Knowing me, that could really get old. Thanks Beth for joining our family. I love you.


Becca said...

I have to agree that Beth is 1 in a million!! I'm glad she joined our family too. Now I just need to start taking lessons from both of you and maybe I can be a little bit cool too.

AmyR said...

I totally agree! Beth has always made me feel so included. She even makes me feel like she'd rather have me around than Wade. She truly is amazing. Plus she is the best mom to those kids.

Tia said...

I happen to be quite fond of her myself.

Beth said...

Megs, this is the nicest thing anybody has done for me! Thanks! Millions of bloggers will read this and then they'll know just what a treasure I am!
Really, thanks. You are one of my best friends, too, and I'm always surprised when you refer to me as such. I've never been friends with a prom queen before!
I don't feel like a cool or wonderful person. Mostly I feel like a selfish, tactless, offensive, loud-mouthed person. But I hope my shallow, social facade (pronounced fake-ade) masks that well enough. Looks like I have you fooled, at least.

Emily said...

That was really sweet Megan.:) I have no idea what your family thinks of me but I don't seem to care because I am just happy I can claim you and my distant family and stalk your blogs. Honestly I think the world of all of you guys. You are ALL generous, funny, sincere, and sarcastic. What a lovely mix! oh, and you left out one thing...Beth always has a great tan! :O)

megan said...

I knew Beth when we were little, and since I was a little older I was good friends with her older sister, but then when we were in college we did a tiny bit of running together. Now it's been probably ten years and I'm just so happy to be learning about her again, and to have her blog to read. She helped me in my moment of need just recently, too, even though it was completely out of the blue that I called upon her. Thanks for sharing that about her!

K said...

I don't know Beth well. Really, I pretty much thought she didn't like me much. But I met her mother at a quilting thing, and we had great fun together. When I read Beth's comment up there, I thought - she sounds a little like me - the loud-mouth and annoying part? Yeah. Sounded very familiar. I am so happy that all you kids did well, are living not easy, but rich lives. You were always great kids in a great family, and now you are great adults. I don't say this lightly. I am as proud of you as a distant, fake aunt could possibly be. Umm. I think I must also name the people responsible for your greatness? Like you didn't just pull it out of the air. You pulled a blessed pair of parents, my girl.


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