Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Matter of Survival

Little brother Cam finds the craziest quizes online, but this one is more than entertainment. It's survival. Basically if I meet up with a rabid gorilla I'm toast, but I have a fighting chance against most other species except for lions and tigers. I'm just glad I could take on a house cat since that's what I meet up with most often.


Rachel said... did better than me. I can't swim so pretty much every animal that has to do with water...I'm pretty much fish bait. Now I know! I am going to give up scuba diving RIGHT NOW cuz I'd never survive an attack by a Lg. shark, a Sm. shark or an Alligator....I'm never taking a bath ever again either because Jaws lives in the drain. Did you know that? Seriously, if you turn your back and especially if you put in bubble bath so you can't see in the water....that is when Jaws appears and he is a really really really big shark. I am SO glad I took this test! Thank Cam for me. He very well could have saved my life and for that I am most grateful...and to you of course for taking the time to post this on your blog so that people like me can further educate ourselves. Have any tests on survival chances going to the grocery store? :o)

Kristalyn said...

LOL what a funny test, I put it up on my blog, too! I didn't think that I would have that big of a chance with a coyote, they seem kind of dangerous to me, but it's good to know!


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