Friday, June 6, 2008

The Gypsy in Me

In Hungary, every spring the middle and upper classes would do what many of us do in America: Spring Cleaning. They would take clothes, furniture, kitchen ware and other junk and pile it up in front of their homes. They weren't doing this so that the garbage man would haul it away, they were leaving it for the gypsies.

And come the gypsies would with big carts or bags to load up anything they could use, sell, salvage, or recycle. The problem was that I wanted so bad to join them. There is a scrounge within me dying to get out! Finally I could take it no longer and I began scrounging and putting things in my backpack. I took a serving tray, a blouse, an old lady dress, and a vase. And had I the resources to haul it and the knowledge that I would be at an apartment for longer than 6 weeks I would have taken furniture too. Cause heck! we're talking free Hungarian antiques!

Anyway, today I had an ultrasound appointment and as I drove through the avenues in Salt Lake, I began to notice big piles of junk on the sidewalk. How absolutely wonderfully Hungarian! I didn't pull over to scrounge like I wanted to, but I did check for Gypsies. There weren't any in the area...yet.


Becca said...

Man I would love to be a Gypsie too. At least the part of just going and getting peoples treasures!! Megs we could be the cutest gypsies ever!!

Rochelle said...

You should move to Cleveland. We have many 'trash treasure's' at our house because you line your trash (and anything else you don't want anymore) on your sidewalks when it's your trash day and it's a big free for all. You can seriously take anything and people don't think the less of you. I always feel really dumb pulling over and taking somebody's trash off of their lawn... but you get this little rush at the same time!

Holdinator said...

It probably won't be long before the Gypsies show up. I happen to know that there is a family of Gypsies that eats out every so often, and they try to treat the food their served at restaurants as refuse as well. This particular family (between 9-12 people) will order really difficult "special" orders, and if anything is not precisely as they expected, they will demand the entire meal, the whole bill, be given them for free. And then if you did get everything right, they'd still try to sneak out without paying. Oh it was delightful to serve them!

Ems said...

you just didn't see them...I got my coffee table from one of those piles last summer and I helped Logan and Kristen haul one home just the other day.


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