Wednesday, June 4, 2008

He's a Good Player

''''''''''''My sweet grandma who's not as sharp as she used to be, commented recently on my brother Cam's Barack Obama t-shirt.

"You like that Obama?" she asked.

"Yes, Grandma," replied Cam.

"Well, he's a good player."

I think she was thinking of Michael Jordan or something. But Obama looks like the official MVP for the democratic party. It gives me hope. I hope he turns out to be as good of a player as I think he is.

Go here for some solid political thoughts courtesy of EC.


Becca said...

Grandma makes me laugh!! She's sooo sweet and I guess it's a good thing that she doesn't remember that she's getting alittle funny! It would really bug her if she realized what was going on....

Hillary said...

Solid political thoughts...the world could use a few more of those! If I had a blog I would write about Obama too, cause truth be told he is a good player! Want a yard sign? I'm sure your new Lehi neighbors will love it!

Emily said...

Oh, grandma! LOL Bless her heart. I cant wait till we get to give her a big hug!!!

EmmaP said...

This is hilarious. My friend's grandma told her that "that hilary lady in the news" reminds her of that lady on SNL!!!! First I laughed because it was funny. Then I laughed because I thought, "what granny watches SNL???"

Sounds like your grandma is a sweetheart. Hope you're doing well. Miss you!


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