Friday, April 25, 2008

Praxis Makes Perfect?

After graduating college you think that the life of tests and cramming is all behind you. Well, for me its not. Its not enough that they pay me and other teachers pennies, deny me any type of health benefits, and make me prove that I really am "highly qualified" for this position by jumping through all sorts of hoops each year, but now they want me to take a test.

The Praxis II test is a lot more involved than I thought it would be. It will take me 2 hours, 6 pages of essay questions and a bajillion multiple choice questions. I just hope it goes well and that I remember all of the theory that I've been studying for the past 10 years.

Because as rough as it is to earn and maintain a teaching license, there is nothing I can imagine being as fun and fulfilling as teaching a roomful of 5 year olds.

Wish me luck tomorrow!


Ginna said...

wow, good work! Good thing it's worth it because that test sure sounds like a drag!

Ginna said...

and I meant good luck not good work....duurgh.

Angie Lewis said...

Oh good luck for sure! I feel your pain! I took the Praxis while I was at BYU and then when I moved to Wisconsin I had to take 2 more Praxis tests. One of them was so horrible that I came out of it in tears, sure I had failed (it was a random knowledge test, not theory, which I could have done much better on). So, as I said, GOOD LUCK! I am not looking forward to renewing my UT license once we get back as it will expire while I've been in many hoops we always have to jump through!!!

Kim & Danny said...

Good Luck! That doesn't sound very fun, especially the essay part. Hope every thing goes well.

Emily said...

Good luck! and one of your babies in your babystrology thing is going crazy! Its spinning around and around faster then I thought babies could go. it is pretty funny! Watch out you're getting some hyperactive babies!!!


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