Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I had only attempted to make meatballs once in my life. The attempt failed miserably as the meatballs completely fell apart as I tried to brown them. I hid the evidence before Dan came home, not wanting him to know of my failure. Yet, I enjoy those meaty delights. And knowing that as a pregnant woman I tend to get a little anemic and red meat always helps... I called Dan.

"How do you make meatballs?" I asked.

"Oh...yummy. Just take some hamburger, mix in some spices, form them into balls and brown them in a fry pan," he said.

Easy enough.

I did it despite Maggie's crying and pulling on my hand to lead me out of the kitchen every two seconds. And the meatballs were sitting in the sauce bubbling away when Dan came home.

But I was surprised still when the first words out of Dan's mouth were, "Was it fun!?"

"Was what fun?" I asked.

"Making meatballs. That sounds so fun."

Oh I love that Dan. Too bad it wasn't fun for me making meatballs. But I think it was quite fun eating them.


Beth said...

Dan and I are alike in that regard. I love cooking! I prefer to not let Joel do it because I love creating something yummy to eat.
What's for dinner tonight? And, am I invited?

Emily said...

I'll take some! I loved that. I love moment of pure Stewness and I simply revel in it.

Megan said...

Yes you're invited and we're having ramen and salt and vinegar chips with dr. pepper poured in. Isn't that what Dan made for your kids last year and Asher loved it?


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