Friday, April 11, 2008

Vintage Treasure

In lieu of channeling my nesting impulse into decorating a nursery (we still have a month before closing on our house) I've been organizing and doing a small packing project each day. Last night involved me going through 2 boxes of my most precious childhood memories, at least I thought they were precious until I went through them again and realized that I don't give a care if I have a poorly cut out silhouette of George Washington or a report on Arthropods that I'm pretty sure came straight out of our World Book Encyclopedia. I didn't even know what grades I'd done them in. Needless to say I let a lot of it go. Besides, I teach school I can walk the halls and see bad cutting jobs any time I want to.

Don't get me wrong. There were treasures to behold as well. My mom had kept a darling little daily journal of my first 2 months of life detailing how I was the world's worst nurser, how Joel said "No" about whether or not they should bring me home from the hospital, and other cute tidbits that were even cuter because they were about me. I also have 4 journals that have recorded every mundane, embarrassing, and otherwise awkward detail of my middle school years complete with the student of the day picture my principal shot with a Polaroid that he held precisely 4 inches from my forehead.

But the thing that might have brought the biggest squeal of excitement from my parched little throat (yes, still battling that cold) was my 80's plastic charm necklace. Remember those? So, what's the favorite item in your box of memories?


Beth said...

Maggie is wearing the CUTEST skirt I've ever seen! What? Did you pay $45 for it on Etsy?'s a-maz-ing.

Hooray for throwing stuff away! I love doing that! One thing I like about living in a pretty small house is there just isn't anywhere to store stuff, so we just have to get rid of the ugliest stuff from time to time.
P.S. Do you want the beautiful, beatup, re-stained enker-tainment center from Heather? My husband has chosen (as usual) utility over fashion and wants to keep our 80's style entertainment for better storage purposes.

Amanda said...

I have a couple of those student of the day type photos too. The thing I still have that I can't figure out is a report on Utah from 4th grade. It even has a 3-D map with mountains made of some sort of salty clay.

Your daughter is adorable!

Kim & Danny said...

I love finding those old necklaces. I have some from when I was little and Kanani loves wearing them now. They are pretty funny but she thinks they're beautiful. Just like I did at one point.

Rochelle said...

I totally used to have one of those! How funny... I don't think I ever got student of the day. Nope... not ever.

Ginna said...

I just went through my box like that and it was pretty fun. Some of those old journals are just hilarious to read, aren't they?
And I found my necklace too--it looks almost exactly like yours! We didn't get them together, did we? Did our moms get them together or something? I swear I can see a few charms on that thing that are the exact ones I have.
How fun.
Oh, and I actually found some other stuff I put aside that I need to show you sometime. Seriously hilarious.

Angie Lewis said...

Wow, I completely forgot about those beautiful charm necklaces...I had one too. Unfortunately I doubt I still have loving husband did not want me to keep a lot of my "treasures" when we cleaned things out at the time we got sad!

eRiCa said...

oh my heck and totally remember those and had quite the collection (along with scratch and sniff stickers...) so cool!

Maren said...

I had a collection of those stupid license plate stickers! Also notes from friends that were passed in class (some of them were funny and worth reading other not so much).

Myra Bybee said...

Oh wow I am so jealous you still have your charm necklace! I loved that thing!

K said...

Okay- about two years ago, I got on this totally freak, remembering Ginna's necklace and remembering how I loved those chunky, clever little charms. So I got on ebay (for the first time) and looked for them - and people were selling these things. So I spent THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS (not really, just felt like it), building a huge necklace for the grandkids.

It was really fun, and really stupid of me. But I love those darned things. Whatever happened to the eighties?


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