Friday, March 14, 2008

What Happens in Vegas, Ends up on my Blog

Mom and Dad were kind enough to let me, Dan, Mags, Cam, Grandma and Grandpa ride in the motor home to Las Vegas. We left Saturday morning and arrived around 2. We met up at the park and enjoyed some amazing weather.
Grandma and Grandpa Ras with Kolby, their newest great grandchild.
Maggie with crackers all over her face lunges for the camera.
It was Sophie's birthday and Becca made her the most amazing Cinderella cake. It was almost too good to eat!
After Liz's farewell on Sunday we couldn't resist taking a picture of the Ras boys. Stew flew in for the day and I hadn't seen Seth in over a year! It was so much fun to be together again. We missed you Ammon and Kirsten!
Kathy, the woman that is ready to be translated but just stays around to keep the rest of us on track, enjoyed watching her grandkids jump on the trampoline. She can never get enough cuddles from those babies. Nicci gets cuter every day (as if that's possible!).
Seth and Brandi just bought their first house and its absolutely adorable! They were busy painting all weekend but broke away to come and hang out with the family. It was so fun to see them even though I always feel like I don't see them enough!

With a face like that I'd say Liz is definitely ready for Milan. And it looks like the rest of us could cut it there as well. Good. I'll pack my bags.


Jon & Angie Lewis said...

I'm jealous! Send some of that warm sunshine over to Milwaukee - I think we still have like 3 months of winter left (at least it will seem like that...)

K said...

Kathy does NOT have grandchildren. Why did this shock me so much? She looks so great (and so do your grandfolks in those pictures) - but I remember her very specifically, and she was NOT old enough for grandchildren. What is becoming of us???

Becca said...

I agree with you about my mom, she's incredible!! I'm grateful for her. I love the pictures Megs!! This weekend was a blast!! We love you guys, next time you need my special little pinkie just let me know ok?!?!;)

Emily said...

Cute pics! I cant wait to see you all again sometime! Megan, You look way too good to be pregnant!

The Dynamic Trio said...

I love the picture of the 3 boys, :) that's so cute. And i LOVE the picture of Nics on the tramp with Ady, that's precious. It was really fun seeing you guys last weekend, next time we are up there we'll have to stop by and play a while.

Your hair is absolutely adorable, i love it. And that Maggie is an absolute doll :) She is miss personality plus.

We love you guys

Ohio Rasmussen Family said...

I love these pictures!! Thanks for capturing it all! I had too many favorites-you got some great ones. I love the one of Mom and Nicci with the sun shining down. It is beautiful and the one of the three boys too. I wish I could have sent Ammon there too but we'll all have to get together if we come to Utah in two weeks! Deal? Deal!!!


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