Thursday, March 13, 2008

Gold and Green Ball

We spent the weekend in Las Vegas for cousin Liz's mission farewell. She's off to Milan and is going to be the best missionary Europe has seen since, well, me. Just kidding--she'll be even better than that.

One of the events on the weekend agenda was the stake Gold and Green Ball [read: high school prom for grown-ups]. Sweet. Here's what went on:

Dan and I got our sultry on for the camera
There was a live jazz band and we just had to cut a rug. Afterward, complete strangers were coming up and telling us how entertaining our dancing was.
Joel and Beth were also dancing fancy. Notice Beth's gold star on her forehead--that shows ya just how special she really is.
Marmy and Pa are still in love and lookin' good.
And Aunt Kathy found her Prince Charming in Uncle Garth.

Becca was looking hot--after giving birth just 2 months ago she was back to her pre-pregnancy body! And check out that handsome LeGrand.
And her is our future missionary ever so in love with the amazing Chris Noorda. Gorgeous. That's all I have to say about them.
Chris's parents were great sports with all of our dancing shenanigans and paparazzi like behavior.

And the final photo of the night. Fierce.

* Stay tuned for more about the Vegas trip, and the events of the week that have kept me from blogging.


Becca said...

Megan, it was such a fun weekend. I'm glad we were able to spend some good time together. DI was fun, the Ball was very entertaining(especially watching you and Dan), it was just fun talking and spending time with you. I do have to add that I'm definatly not back to my pre pregnancy body but that was nice of you to say. I love you and am excited for you guys with everything that is happening!! You have to give me an update on your home search!!! Thanks for the pictures!! You are one in a million!!!

Emily said...

The star on the forehead, the sultry and fierce faces along with the happily ever afters were totally HOT!!!

K said...

Lovely dang family.

Beth said...

I like Dan's tie, and how I look like someone doctored the photo of me as if trying to make me look strangely out-of-porportion. But, really, that's just how I look. I'm glad it was captured on camera...for posterity.

Beth said...

And did you hear Kathy came up to me after one of our spastic dancing episodes and said some of her friends were worried that my dancing was going to throw me into labor. Please! I've tried every trick in the book, including jumping on the trampoline(everyday) and jumping off sand dune cliffs and more. My cervix is as solid (or competent, as my midwives say - and, why wouldn't it be very competent? We're talking about me. Is there anything I'm not competent at?) as Nacho Libre's skills in the ring.

Ohio Rasmussen Family said...

LOL!! I love reading your comments! Is that nosy? You and Beth are crack ups...that's all I have to say. You tell it like it is and I love it. You all are great! Nice pictures too!!


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