Monday, February 11, 2008

[Cool Enough]

So last summer when I was helping my mom organize our huge family collection of Halloween costumes, I had a realization: I am so not cool. I was folding dozens of size 1 outfits from the 60's and 70's while my mom recalled how much she had loved wearing them and how great they were. I tried to imagine Maggie and I doing that in the future. But somehow I couldn't.

The root of the problem is: I never had and probably never will have cool clothes. I like to blame this on lack of money, but its true cause is most likely complete lack of style. Sad. And true.
Not long ago, okay it was too long ago for my liking, but whatever... Dan and I had the opportunity to get together with some friends from my mission. We were all chatting about where we envisioned ourselves ending up after finally getting through school and settled into careers and all. Tasha said they wanted to live in Seatle. I tried to envision myself in Seatle and once again... my imagination failed me. I couldn't see it. Why not? Lack of coolness.
Well, then, where would we end up? The question was posed. And I realized...we're probably cool enough for Utah county, minus the east side of Provo. In my dreams I could live in Santa Fe, NM...but then I remember that my wardrobe needs serious help and some stylin' accessories and I have more desire to eat Kraft Macaroni and Cheese than anything organic (its a whole lot cheaper). So, that reminds me that I'd be better suited for Lehi.
I'm not saying this to seek your pity. But rather to inform you. If you were under the mistaken impression that I am cool, you must know that I am not. But if you're looking for someone honest, well intentioned, and occassionally funny--I'm your girl.


KMom said...

First of all, let me explain that you were brought up in a time of Cool Deficit. Your mother and I were brought up in a time of Cool as Heck. But your daughters may wish you'd kept your leg warmers, leggings and big shirts, and all that stuff we used to stick into our daughters' hair. How about those very, very cool plastic charm necklaces? I will have you know, in a fit of sentimentality that lasted into the hundreds of dollars, I bought up a ton of those on ebay, just to remind me of Ginna and so I could pretend for her own daughters' sakes that they were Ginna's once, so they could get sentimentally attached to them and play with them at my house.

(a moment for breath)

Your mother wore a size 1??????? I NEVER wore a size 1.

And here's a little bit of a recommendation. If you have coolness questions, you can always ask Ginna. We do. We all ask Ginna when it comes to cool. She was not raised cool, but she has risen above her upbringing. Gin and Kris have been cool on the streets of many European cities, playing trombone and sax duets (really????) for money, and have been urban and urbane in Kansas City, New York and now - on the beaches of Rhode Island.

I do not allow her to dress me. Very often. But she does all the boys. Except Guy who only wears gray T-shirts and jeans. Ever. Except at church, where he manages never to look like a returned missionary.

So. I'm just sayin'

Emily Ramussen said...

I will try to remember that you are very uncool for future reference. But I do think the fairy door, your funniness, and creativity will make your daughters wish they were like you someday- even if you are a Utahan forever. I guess not everyone is cool enough to live in my very Action Packed Rainbow Bend Community in Smoke'n Hot Reno!

Tiffany said...

I think you're cool Megs! :) and stylish too! But you're right, your mom probably had much cooler clothes than we'll ever have! (and a size one!? yikes.)

Meridee said...

I did not wear a size 1. I never wore a size 1. I was really skinny at one point but not a 1 and I am well, well, really well beyond that now. I can only put one leg in the waist of those old leather pants. But they weren't comfortable even back then, but they were cool.

The Tuck Family said...

Who is cool enough?!? I think we all have our own interesting quirks, that for some people stack up better than others, but for the most part we are all dorks trying to fake it and make everyone believe that we are cooler than we really are. But you have some really awesome how funny and creative you are, and how you have a really unique perspective and way of expressing your views. I am positive the people closest to you could go on forever about you. I love reading your blog for all of the above. Megan you may not be societies epitome of coolness...but you are very interesting and I think that is way better than "cool"!

maren said...

I WAS a skinny girl in high school but I was NEVER a size one! I always thought you were cool, you always seemed to have a large good group of friends and you were funny and nice, but, I guess you sure had me fooled!

eRiCa said...

you were so cool in high school that you didn't even know it...that's how cool you were!! and not knowing you're cool makes you even more cool!!

i laughed when you said that the east side of provo was cool...see, all I got when people knew i lived on the eastside was "ohhhh, live on snob hill...." wasn't that cool to me!! and I know some super rad people who live in lehi :) but there's this one person ...she lives in SHE is SUPER COOL :)

Seriously though, what's the definition of cool really? As long as you're not wearing mom jeans megs you'll always be cool in my book! :)

eRiCa said...

ps i have misplaced your email address..but I have a question I need to ask you..more like a me...:)

Becca said...

Megs, you ARE the coolest.;) You've always been the coolest, you always will be the coolest!! Love Ya!!!


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