Friday, February 8, 2008

[Why do Men do This?]

Dan is off on his second winter camp out in a month's time. I really try to understand, love, and support the scouting program. But I'm pregnant, congested, suffering from a sinus headache that the meds I'm allowed just aren't stopping, and I would rather not kiss my husband goodbye so he can freeze his tush off in the snow while I defend the house against the world's busiest child on my own. I just don't understand it. I think that camping should be reserved for good weather only and limited to the months June through September. If anyone has any clout with the big wigs of the BSA please help them to see that this is madness that needn't continue.

Thank you.


Brian said...

Not all men do that. Some of us don't see what's so enticing about it and have never done it in their lives. We're the ones who were never officially made "Tenderfoot" in the scouting program. We like warm beds in homes with furnaces. We respect the scouting program, have had callings in the scouting program, but have always conveniently had other really important things going on when camp-outs are scheduled. As for why BSA insists on making these things a part of their program, I've never understood it--I cannot account for it. Winter camps make no sense (particularly when a sick, pregnant wife is at home with a busy toddler).

Macbeth Bunch said...


Russ did the same crazy stuff when he was serving in Scouts. I was always like "ok I've heard of the Klondike, but one every month, good grief". I didn't like it one bit then and we had no children and I was never sick when he had to go. I'm sorry Megs. Come hang with us when he goes. I'll take care of you and Maggie and Gen can wreak destruction together at my place.

The Tuck Family said...

I couldn't agree more!!! Me totally out gunned this weekend by two of the smartest children ever...they must have a secret code thing going on already, a sisterly bond that my poor mothering skills can't handle. Meanwhile Alma was digging holes in the snow and cooking breakfast in sub-zero weather for 11 year olds...not my idea of a great weekend either Megan, I feel for you!

Ginna said...

oooh, I HATE winter camp outs! I am just Dreading the day that Kris gets called into young men's because I will be so mad every time he has to go on one of those. I totally feel your pain, you poor thing!

Tiffany said...

That just looks horrid. I also don't understand why they have to do it--it just looks miserable! Hope you get feeling better soon!


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