Friday, January 25, 2008

[One of the Many Perks of Teaching]

Every week during our celebration of the "letter of the week" we make an illustrated list of all the words we can think of that begin with said letter. This week the letter was F. And something happened that made me feel all nice inside.

For every picture that I drew, cute little JT would exclaim, "Oh, that's a nice fish." or "Mrs. Hinckley, you did a good job on that fox." "Oh yeah, those fruit loops are good." "That family looks perfect." Really folks, I assure you my drawings were pitiful. But JT just couldn't not tell me how great I did. He's done it all year.

It helped me to understand why my mom could bust out a song in front of 50 six year olds, but never dared join us at ward choir. Kids are appreciative of whatever meager talents you may have. And gosh I'm so glad they are.


Marilyn said...

You did a great job on that post, Mrs. Hinckley!

Brian said...

I think it's fantastic that you have followed in your mom's footsteps. The little I remember of kindergarten (it is really very little, sadly) she was very sweet with us and extremely compassionate. One day when I was feeling a little ill she let me lie on this pillow in the corner... I'm certain your students will remember similar kind and wonderful things you do for them.

k said...

Ironic that both small children and God are both willing to accept the simple gift with joy.

Emily Ramussen said...

I know! I will with all my heart with my nursery kids but man, I have a horrible voice that I even get embarrassed to have stew hear at times. They just love me and the fact I am excited to be singing with them.


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