Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Look what appeared in Maggie's Room!

Maggie's very own fairy door.
The door made its appearance last night and while we haven't witnessed any fairy shenanigans as of yet, we are hoping to soon!


k said...

Oh, man - now you're going to have little fairy salesmen coming by to sell you coupon books and detergent that can dissolve fairy dust. I should have warned you - fairy activity is not always what you might want going on in your house -

Ohio Rasmussens said...

Where did you end up purchasing it? I saw those websites you guys sent and one of them looked pretty well priced. Very cute...but I haven't heard that faries do something...shed some light!!! Is it like elves?

Ginna said...

yeah, I need to know where you ended up getting it too. It is so adorable.
And by the way, I think I want to move into Maggie's room. Your decorations are so adorable! I LOVE the frog prince or whatever he is!

Megan said...

My mom called all the craft stores to see if they had unpainted dollhouse doors. Michael's didn't, but Hobby Lobby did. So I went on Monday and they only had 2 different kinds. Stephanie (the one who sells the doors on Etsy had TONS of different styles) so I bought one of the kinds and painted it up myself. And Kirsten if you look back at Stephanie's etsy shop she just kind of says that the fairies start to come in after a few days and they might be different kinds of fairies... so its really up to your imagination. The fairies could leave little gifts or glitter (careful with that one) or maybe they'll mess something up on occassion. Or like Kristen said, maybe they'll start to sell you fairy coupon books or detergent. :-) My mom and I are also ordering some unfinished doors online.

vhari said...

Wow Megs you are a genius! The door is SO cute. Can I come be your child? Please!


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