Sunday, January 27, 2008

International Pot-luck Party

A little obsession I have that I've nurtured here and there throughout my adult life is that of throwing themed parties. My mind comes up with ideas for parties and then after I kick the idea around for a few days, months, or years... I finally make up some invitations and see how it goes. In the past, my dear McKenna and I have thrown a fancy dinner party, a cheese party, a murder party, and even a carb party (that was a direct result of coming home from a carbohydrate laden mission in Hungary and finding myself in the middle of the American Atkin's craze).

My latest idea was that of enjoying all of the foods that are a part of this great nation that originally were not a part of this great nation. I am talking about international foods. Invitations were sent. Preparations were made. And the pot-luck-ing ensued.

On the menu?
  • My very own Hungarian favorite: Rokott Krumpli (which means Stacked Potatoes) made from Potatoes, spicy sausage, hard boiled eggs, cheese, and a whole lotta sour cream and honey. It takes a good 2 1/2 hours of preparation but is extremely worth it. God bless all of the women who fed it to me in my European homeland.
  • Teriyaki Spam and Rice (Marshall Island style)
  • Artichoke Dip (from which country it came, I do not know but I'm glad it came to my party)
  • Chips and Salsa (a party staple and for extremely good reason)
  • Taiwanese chow mein (I adore noodles. Seriously adore them.)
  • German Summer sausage and cheese platter (Dan enjoyed it so much that our dear friends who brought it offered to let him keep it. He readily accepted).
  • New Orleans Red beans and Rice (as sassy and spicy as my sister in law who made them.)
  • Swedish Fish (sent by my mother who was a good sport about not being invited. bless her).
  • Rice Pudding (I really love that stuff.)
  • Pastel de Tres Leches (Okay, how can you not love this cake that can hardly even hold itself together because its so full of deliciousness!?)
  • Triffle (whoever the Brit was that invented that stuff... well they ought to be sainted).
  • Bannana Foster (How can you take the banana split up a notch... oh I don't know... add an ooey gooey rum sauce?)
Holy cow! It was good. And so much fun to kick back with friends. Plus it was so fun to see the different things that everyone thought to bring. Thanks to all who were involved with this one, and if you weren't involved--fear not! There are plenty more themed parties swimming around this mind of mine. Infact, I just might be on a roll.


Emily Ramussen said...

So fun! I wish we could have crashed your party. I love throwing parties too. So fun!!!

Vhari said...


It was awfully fun and oh so yummy! Thanks for letting us come. I'm looking forward to what your great mind comes up with next.

k said...

Weasle! I think it should be rule that for any party you write about, you have to save samples for those of us NOT invited!!

Megan said...

I still have some left-overs in my fridge. If you leave now... you might beat Dan to them. You might. Oh wait. There he goes. Sorry. ;-)

Ginna said...

oh how fun! I am so impressed with your follow-through, you come up with the ideas and then you actually make them happen! I think of things and then that's the end of it. I've thought that having a german food christmas party would be so fun, and I've thought about it for the longest time, but have I ever done it? NO!! I'm inspired. Maybe I'll do something now. Maybe.
And I think artichoke dip might be italian. Whatever it is it's delicious. And your hungarian potatoes sound to die for like literally I would kill myself eating way too many of them!


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